Neuroscience Pre-Midterm

  1. A-alpha nerves (Diameter, Conduction, Function)
    12-20um, 72-120m/s, Sensory Muscle, Motor Extrafusal muscle
  2. A-Beta (Diameter, Conduction, Function)
    6-12um, 36-72m/s, Sensory (pain, mechano) from skin
  3. A-Gamma (Diameter, Conduction, Function)
    3-6um, 18-36m/s, Motor for Intrafusal m.
  4. A-Delta (Diameter, Conduction, Function)
    1-3um, 0.2-2m/s, Sensory (pain + temp)
  5. Vm of Photoreceptor
  6. Vm Neuron
  7. Vm Skeletal Muscle
  8. Membrane Conductance for an Ion (gx)
    • gx = Conductance (Gamma) x Nx
    • N = number of X Channels
    • Measured in Seimans (usually picoS)
  9. Nerst Equation
    Ex=(61.54/2) x log ([x]o/[x]i)
  10. Membrane Resting Potential
    Sum of all conductance (gk/gm)xEk...
  11. Local Graded potential spreading with Decrement
    Vm = Vo exp (-x/Lambda)
  12. Rods convert Photons to Receptor Potential
    Photon ~ Rhodopsin ~ Transducin (G-protein) ~ Adenylate Cyclase ~ cAMP ~ Close Na+ Ch ~ Hyperpolarization
  13. Olfactory Neuron Activation
    • Odorant binds Odorant-R ~ G-protein ~ Adenylate Cyclase ~ cAMP ~ Open Na+/Ca++ Ch ~ Depolarization
    • Cl- is strangely high (80mM) Therefore ECl- = -15mV and Cl- will leave helping depolarization
  14. Tetrodotoxin/Saxotoxin MOA
    Block Na+ Channel at Extracellular Site
  15. Lidocaine/Procaine (MOA and Nerve Order)
    • Cross membrane and block Na+ Channel Intracellularly
    • First - Small Myelinated A-delta
    • Second - Myelinated C Fibers
    • Third - Large Myelinated
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