Geo CH.6 Sub-Saharan Africa Facts

  1. Would you say Africa is one of the world's fastest growing regions and how much of the population is less than 15?
    Yes and 44% is under age 15
  2. This region has high economic output, low foreign aid, no debt, and no corruption.
    All FALSE
  3. What is the zone of ecological transition between the Sahara to the north and wetter savannas and forests to the south called?
  4. What is the expansion of desert-like conditions as a result of human-induced degradation called?
  5. What is the movement of animals between wet season and dry season pasture called?
  6. What movement in Kenya plants millions of trees to counteract the amount of deforestation?
    Green Belt Movement
  7. Why does wildlife survive in this region?
    Because of historically low population density
  8. What is the landform rimming much of southern Africa, impeding coastal settlement
    Great Escarpment
  9. Name the watersheds of Africa
    • Congo
    • Nile
    • Niger
    • Zambezi
  10. Why is the soil so relatively infertile?
    Because it is old
  11. What depicts seasons in the African region?
    Rainfall; since it's warm year round
  12. Which part of Africa contains the second largest expanse of tropical rainforest in the world?
    Congo Basin
  13. What is the Horn of Africa?
    The northeastern corner of the continent
  14. Which countries does the Horn of Africa include?
    • Somalia
    • Ethiopia
    • Djibouti
    • Eritrea
  15. Name 3 African desserts
    • Namib
    • Sahara
    • Kalahari
  16. How much is African population projected to increase by 2005?
  17. What country is Africa's population density similar to?
    The U.S.
  18. What is life expectancy in the region?
    less than 50 years
  19. Most of Africa likes small families
  20. Which city in Africa has 10 million + people?
  21. Where are the population concentrations in Africa?
    • Lagos
    • Lake Victoria
    • Ethiopian Highlands
  22. What are Africa's staple crops?
    • millet
    • sorghum
    • corn
  23. What is this practice called: burn natural vegetation to release fertility, then planting indigenous crops, and allowing a fallow period.
    Shifting cultivation
  24. What do Pastoralists do?
    Specialize in grazing animals
  25. What is the South African term that describes people of mixed European and African ancestry?
  26. What made colonization of Africa possible?
  27. What kept colonization from happening
    diseases such as malaria
  28. When did this happen: (1884)13 European countries divided and traded Sub-Saharan Africa; African nations excluded from the division of their own continent
    Berlin Conference
  29. What are homelands?
    nominally independent states for blacks
  30. Who was elected president the first time black Africans were permitted to vote in South Africa in 1994?
    Nelson Mandela
  31. These try to reduce govt. spending,cut food subsidies, encourage private sector, promotedby IMF, World Bank...what are they called?
    Structural adjustment programs
  32. What are the 2 most active trade blocks there?
    • SADC
    • ECOWAS
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