American Sign Language

  1. Ablaze
    The hands are suddenly thrown up like flames rising in the air.
  2. Absurb
    The "4" handshape moves away from the forehead with a slight spinning motion.
  3. Absent
    ABSENTOne hand falls through the other hand's grasp to show that there is nothing there.
  4. Above
    One hand rises above the other.
  5. About
    The index finger circles a modified O handshape.
  6. Abuse
    The upright forefinger represents a person. The action of the sign shows a person being beat up
  7. Accept
    The hands pull something towards the chest to indicate the concept of taking possession (accepting
  8. Accomplish
    • The index
    • fingers make a loop as the hand moves away from the side of the face.
    • This could be thought of as a variation of the sign ANNOUNCE
  9. accurate
    • thumbs and forefingers are in a pinched position.
    • The upper hand circles and touched the other hand to represent the
    • action of threading a needle.
  10. living room
    brush the thumb against chest in circular format while keeping one finger upwards
  11. kitchen
    cook with K
  12. head ach
    pain on forhead
  13. Ach
    year with outout stopping
  14. cramp
    fist twist together on opposite side to show that your twisting some sort of object
  15. cough
    hand is in a C format and against chest, C stays against chest and moves downward
  16. Cold
    blowing the nose
  17. sore throat
    Fingers thrust up along the throat
  18. Itchy
    scratch the body
  19. swell
    both hands extend outward to show something has inflated
  20. tossing turning
    V sign sits on flat palms and turns back and forth
  21. Cant
    one finger pass another
  22. Pizza
    Draw z on side of face up plam, the hand that is drawing is in the shape of a P
  23. alot
    The fingers are thrown out to indicate that there is a lot of something.
  24. Awhile ago
    • The hand moves over the shoulder. In signing, the body represents the
    • present time and motion forward of the body represents the future while
    • movement to the back of the body represents the past.
  25. Abrieveate
    The hands squeeze something to represent the concept of making something smaller.
  26. ability
    One hand grabs the edge of the other hand and pulls away.
  27. Account
    • The F
    • handshape moves up the palm of the other hand as if it is counting
    • something. This is the same handshape used for the sign COUNT
  28. Accostomed to
    The S handshape are locked together at the wrist and pulled downward to show that something does not change over time.
  29. Acquire
    The hands grab something and pull it in.
  30. Acting
    The hands swing back and forth to show that they are doing something (acting)
  31. active
    The sign EXCITE is made with A handshapes
  32. Actually
    The forefinger is upright and moves straight forward from the mouth.
  33. Actress
    • The sign
    • DRAMA (or ACT) is followed by the sign that indicates a person. This
    • second sign is often called a person marker or agent sign because it
    • modifies a verb to a noun.
  34. Addicted
    The index finger hooks the side of the mouth and pulls it to the side. Hooked is another word for addicted
  35. Add
    • The hands
    • bring things together. The movement of the hands represents taking all
    • of the numbers from a column and placing them in one spot or adding
    • numbers to get a total.
  36. Adapt
    The hands change position with each other.
  37. Admit
    • The hand moves from the chest outward and ends with the palm facing up
    • as if to show that what was inside before is now out in the open for all
    • to see
  38. Adult
    • The A
    • handshape is moved from the temple (the area that is often associated
    • with the concept of male) to the side of the chin (the area that is
    • often associated with the concept of female).
  39. Adultry
    The index finger moves around the side of the other hand to show that someone is not being straight (honest).
  40. Advanced
    The hands move upward in two movements that form a slight arc toward the body.
  41. Advantage
    The middle finger pulls back from the palm of the other hand
  42. Adventure
    • The
    • forefinger moves in a circular motion under the other hand to represent
    • the concept of moving ahead but not knowing exactly where to.
  43. Advice
    The movement of the hand represents the concept of information being sent forth.
  44. Affect is the same sign as ____
  45. Affection, Affectionate
    pulls something in to hug
  46. Afford
    The index finger points repeatedly to the palm as if to show that there is enough money to buy (afford) something.
  47. After
    One hand moves ahead of the other hand to represent the concept of all that occurs beyond the present time.
  48. Afternoon
    • The
    • horizontal arm represents the earth and the hand that moves is the sun;
    • together they represent the relationship of the sun to the earth in the
    • afternoon.
  49. Afterward
    One hand moves ahead of the other hand to represent the concept of all that occurs beyond the present time.
  50. Against
    The fingertips of one hand strikes the palm of the other hand.
  51. Agree
    The signs THINK and SAME are combined.
  52. Ahead
    One A handshape moves in front of (ahead of) the other A handshape
  53. Alarm
    The index finger repeatedly strikes against the palm of the other hand to represent the action of an alarm device
  54. Alert
    One hand taps the back of the other hand to indicate that someone should be on the alert.
  55. Alike
    The Y handshape moves back and forth. The notion is that the thumb and little finger are pointing to two things that are alike.
  56. All gone
    The signer blows off the palm to show that there is nothing there.
  57. Allow
    The fingertips of the hands point down and then move up with a slight forward movement.
  58. almost
    One hand barely touches the other hand.
  59. Alone
    • The
    • forefinger represents a single person and it is positioned away from the
    • body to show that the person is by himself or herself (alone)
  60. Already
    The hands shake outward to indicate that something is over (finished.)
  61. Alternative
    • The
    • fingertips of one V handshape tap the fingertips of the other V
    • handshape to represent that either of the two fingers is all right.
  62. Always
    The movement of the forefinger represents a circle that does not end.
  63. Amazeing
    The hand opens wide to represent the wide open mouth when a person is really impressed with or surprised by something
  64. Ambitious same as________
  65. Ambulance
    The sign HOSPITAL is made with an A handshape.
  66. America
    The fingers of both hands are locked and then they both move in a semi-circle in front of the body.
  67. Amid/among
    The forefinger moves between the fingers of the other hand.
  68. Amuse
    • A U handshape
    • brushes against the nose which is similar to the concept of tickling
    • the nose with a feather and thus causing someone to laugh.
  69. Analyze
    The bending motion of the V handshapes show something being pulled apart.
  70. Anatomy
    The sign BODY is made with A handshapes.
  71. Ancient
    The hand moves back over the shoulder while the fingers wiggle
  72. Anger
    The bent fingers move up the body in a swift movement to show that the emotions are being brought forth.
  73. anniversity
    The signs ANNUAL and CELEBRATE are combined.
  74. announce
    The forefingers move out from the mouth to show that something is being told over a large area or to group of people.
  75. Annual
    The sign begins with the handshape and position for the sign YEAR. Then one hand changes to the number 1 and moves forward. This action is repeated to show the concept of something happening every year (annually)
  76. Another
    The thumb points to one thing and then to another thing.
  77. Answer
    The two forefingers move forward and down from the mouth.
  78. Any
    The A handshape is slid to the side as if indicating objects lined up in a row.
  79. Anybody
    The signs ANY and YOU are combined.
  80. Anyone
    The signs ANY and ONE are combined.
  81. Anything
    The signs ANY and THING are combined.
  82. Anyway
    The hands repeatedly brush back and forth past each other.
  83. anywhere
    The signs ANY and WHERE are combined.
  84. sorry/appologize
    The A handshape circles the heart to show that a person is feeling sorrow.
  85. Appear
    The index finger pokes through the fingers of the other hand to represent someone suddenly appearing (showing up).
  86. Apperance is same sign for ____
  87. Appitite
    The signs HUNGRY and FOOD are combined.
  88. Apple
    he knuckle of the forefinger is twisted by the side of the mouth.
  89. Apply
    The V hand shape moves onto the ONE handshape.
  90. Appriciate
    The middle finger circles the heart to represent the show of appreciation.
  91. Argue
    The two forefingers move up and down to represent two people in an argument.
  92. Arizona
    The sign DRY is modified with an A handshape. Arizona is known as a very hot and dry state
  93. Arrange
    The hands move to the side in a series of small arcs which conveys the concept of things being in sequence or order.
  94. Arrive
    One hand arrives at the other which represents the destination.
  95. Arrogant
    A modified sign for large is done by the top of the head to indicated that someone has a big head (that someone is conceited.)
  96. Arrest
    The hands move as if they are capturing something
  97. Fake
    The forefinger brushes past the nose to represent the concept of the truth being brushed aside
  98. Ashamed
    The hand brushes up the cheek to show the blood rising in the cheeks of a person who is feeling ashamed.
  99. Aside
    One hand brushes aside something from the other hand.
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