Personal Favourite New Vocab

  1. brevity
    • etwas mit wenigen Worten sagen
    • kürze
    • dichte
  2. epitomize
    a perfect example
  3. succinct
    • synonym für concise
    • expressed clearly and in a few words
  4. contiguity
    • (unmittelbare) aufeinanderfolge
    • früher: geographische Nähe
  5. paradigmatic
    similarity of concerned elements
  6. syntagmatic
    • possible combinations of elements
    • contiguity of elements
  7. bough
  8. petals
  9. apparition
  10. interlocutor
    a person taking part in a conversation
  11. penultimate
    immediately before the last one
  12. consonance
    • agreement
    • something that fits well in combination with something else
  13. onomatopoeia
    use of words to imitate sounds
  14. omission
    • the act of not including somebody or somthing
    • or not doing something
  15. palpable
    sth. that is easily noticed by the mind or the senses
  16. trope
    • a word or phrase that is used in a way that is diefferent from its usual meaning in order to create a particular mental image or effect
    • metaphors and similes are tropes
  17. epithet
    • attribut
    • spitzname
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Personal Favourite New Vocab
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