N302 Chapter 6

  1. Caring
    An intentional human action characterized by commitment and a sufficient level of knowledge and skill to allow the nurse to support the basic integrity of the person being cared for.
  2. Empowerment
    Assisting the client to take charge of his/her own life.
  3. Trust
    Foundation in all relationships.

    A reliance on the consistency, sameness, and continuity of experiences that are provided by an organized combination of familiar and predictable things and people.
  4. Empathy
    Ability to be sensitive to and communicate understanding of the client's feelings.
  5. Mutuality
    The nurse and the client agree on the client's health problems and the means for resolving them, and both parties are committed to enhancing the client's well-being.
  6. Confidentiality
    Protects the client's right to decide who can have access to information about any aspect of health care or lifestyle.
  7. Anxiety
    A vague, persistent feeling of impending doom.

    Universal feeling; no one fully escapes it.
  8. Stereotyping
    Process of attributing characteristics to a group of people as though all persons in the identified group possessed them.
  9. Sexually transmitted diseases
    Uh, I think you guys know what this is. ;)

    -However, it provides a fertile ground for the development of stereotypes.
  10. Prejudices
    Stereotypes based on strong emotions.
  11. Discrimination
    Actions in which a person is denied a legitimate opportunity offered to others because of prejudice.
  12. Personal space
    Invisible boundary around an individual.
  13. Proxemics
    Study of an individual's use of space.
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