Vocab 13

  1. arduous
    • Very difficult, requiring much effort
    • Doing wordly wise every week is such an arduous task.

    Synonyms: backbreaking, burdensome, exhausting, fatiguing, formidable, grueling, harsh, heavy, labored, laborious, painful, punishing, rigorous, rough, severe, strenuous, taxing, tiring, tough, troublesome, trying, uphill

    Antonyms: easy, facile, motivating
  2. canny
    • Careful and shrewd, watching over your own interests.
    • Jason is canny when guarding his candy.

    Synonyms: able, acute, adroit, astute, cagey, careful, cautious, circumspect, cunning, dexterous, discreet, foxy*, frugal, ingenious, intelligent, judicious, knowing, nimble-witted, perspicacious, prudent, quick, quick-witted

    Antonyms: foolish, inept, silly
  3. climax
    • The greatest moment of an event
    • The climax of the Giver was when he found out what release was.

    Synonyms: ahigh spot, highlight, intensification, limit, maximum, top, turning point, utmost

    • Antonyms:
    • anticlimax, cliffhanger
  4. endorse
    • to sign the back of a check before cashing it
    • I have to stamp the back of each scrip check to endorse it.
    • to approve of or support
    • We endorse Gene Masuda for City Council
    • To be favorably associated with a product in return for payment

    Synonyms: advocate, affirm, approve, attest, authenticate, bless, boost, certify, champion, commend, confirm, defend, favor, recommend

    Antonyms: disapprove, oppose, protest, reject, repel, unauthorize

    Tiger Woods gets paid a fortune to endorse golf gear.
  5. exuberant
    • Happy and excited
    • I was exuberant when you got a 9.7 at States
    • Also used as exuberence
    • Your exuberance showed when you could not stop smiling

    Synonyms: bold, courageous, daring, dauntless, fearless, gallant, gritty, gutsy, heroic, nerveless, plucky, resolute, unafraid, undaunted, unflinching, valiant, valorous

    Antonyms: cowardly, meek, timid
  6. intrepid
    • courageous, feeling or showing no fear.
    • The intrepid hiker reached the top of the waterfall even though the water was gushing.
  7. kindle
    • 1. to start burning
    • The newspaper kindled the fire
    • Also used as kindling. We used small twigs as kindling to start the campfire.

    Synonyms: blaze, burn, fire, flame, flare, glow, ignite, inflame, light, set alight, set fire

    Antonyms: extinguish, put out

    • 2. to become excited, stir up
    • The thought of new apps kindled my interest in the Nook Color.

    Synonyms: agitate, animate, arouse, awaken, bestir, burn up, challenge, egg on, exasperate, fire up, foment, inspire, key up, provoke, rally, rouse, sharpen, stimulate, stir, thrill, turn on, wake, waken

    Antonyms: disenchant, turn off
  8. lucrative
    • Producing wealth or profit
    • I hope you picked lucrative stocks for your project.

    Synonyms: advantageous, cost effective, fruitful, gainful, good, high-income, money-making, paying, profitable, worthwhile

    Antonyms: poorly paid, unprofitable
  9. mentor
    • A wise or loyal friend or adviser
    • Think Yoda

    Synonyms: coach, confidant, consultant, counsel, counselor, director, doctor, expert, friend, guide, helper, instructor, judge, partner, teacher, tutor
  10. obsession
    • An interest, idea or feeling that you cannot get out of your mind.
    • Is Jason finally over his obsession with Star Wars?

    Synonyms: attraction, compulsion, delusion, enthusiasm, fancy, fascination, hang-up, idée fixe, infatuation, mania, preoccupation

    Antonyms: indifference
  11. personable
    • friendly and pleasing
    • I like people who are personable and easy to get along with.

    Synonyms: sociable, agreeable, all heart, all right*, amiable, attractive, charming, easygoing, gregarious, likable, nice, okay, pleasant, pleasing, presentable

    Antonyms: disagreeable, unfriendly, unsociable
  12. proficient
    • Able to do something very well, skilled
    • You are proficient at level 5 but not yet at level 6.
    • Also used as proficiency. My proficiency in typing helps me to work fast.
    • Synonyms:

    accomplished, adept, apt, capable, clever, competent, consummate, effective, effectual, efficient, experienced, expert, finished, gifted, pro, qualified, savvy, sharp, skillful,*, talented, trained, up to speed

    Antonyms: clumsy, incompetent, inept, unable, unskilled
  13. scanty
    • not enough or just barely enough, small in size
    • I can't get Jason to eat even a scanty amount of vegetables.


    Synonyms: bare, barely sufficient, close, deficient, failing, insufficient, limited, little, meager, minimal, narrow, poor, rare, restricted, short, skimpy, slender,sparse, stingy, thin

    Antonyms: abundant, ample, plentiful
  14. strait
    • 1. A narrow body of water connecting 2 larger ones.
    • The Strait of Gibraltar connects the Med & the Atlantic.
    • Synonyms: inlet, narrows, sound

    • 2. Trouble or need
    • We are in desperate straits this week with all these tests and papers due!
    • Synonyms: dilemma, distress, embarrassment, emergency, exigency, extremity, hardship, plight, predicament

    Antonyms: advantage, solution, success
  15. zest
    • great enjoyment or excitement.
    • Personable people seem to have such a zest for life.
    • Also used as zestful - I feel zestful after a nice shower.

    Synonyms: energy, gusto, bounce, cheer, delectation, delight, eagerness, ecstasy, elation, enjoyment, enthusiasm, fervor, happiness, pleasure, satisfaction

    Antonyms: apathy, indifference, laziness, lethargy
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