Hawaiian Studies 107

  1. In Wayfinder, what is the most important star constellation for timing for land fall?
    The Southern Cross
  2. Name 3 course lines for Hokulea.
    Presume, Reference, and Actual
  3. What was Mau's visualizing lesson to mainoa mean?
    To keep Thahiti in his head, without it, he'd be lost. Believe in your teacher & yourself. Know what you know.
  4. Nmnoa Thompson sighted it at the direction of 'aina.
    The Southern Cross
  5. The master of navigating by using the elements is?
  6. What are the 3 regions of Oceania?
    Polynesia, Micronesia, and Melanesia
  7. Who was the first Hawaiian Scholar?
    David Malo
  8. Who is the first Hawaiian historian?
    Samuel Kamakau
  9. Name the 4 major male Hawaiian gods.
    Kāne, Lono, Kanaloa, and Ku
  10. What is the Hawaiian concept of time?
  11. The chant to honor Kalani-nui-a-mama'o & the creation of life is...
    Kumu Lipo
  12. The term for genealogy is?
  13. Who is Papa?
    The parents who gave birth to these islands
  14. A triangle can be drawn around these Pacific Islands
    Hawai'i, Aoieanoa, Rapanui (all 3=Polynesia)
  15. Epeli Hau'ofa is the writer of what?
    "Our Sea of Islands"
  16. What is 'Aikapu?
    Sacred eating where men and women are separated.
  17. The native name for New Zealand is...?
  18. The first Ni'apio mating was between...?
    Wakea and Ho'ohokukalani
  19. The Kalo fetus was...?
    Haloanaka (Ha loa--brothers name for extra credit)
  20. What is the name of the mountain on Hawaii island where the telescopes are located?
    Mount. Mauna Kea
  21. What does ABCFM mean?
    American Board of Commissioners for Foreign Missions
  22. There are only __ consonants in the Hawaiian Language.
    9 (HKLWMNP‘–) - for extra credit
  23. When did the first printing of Hawaiian occur?
  24. To speak Hawaiian you must ___.
    Think Hawaiian
  25. The way to communicate between plantation workers was called ___.
  26. The difference between Hawaiian and the rest of Polynesian language is using ___.
    T's and K's
  27. Which language in Polynesian has words similar to the Hawaiian language?
    Outerea (Maori)
  28. What is the correct spelling of the word that means pidgin?
    Cre'ole (Creole = people)
  29. According to "Paundering Pidgin", when was pidginized Hawaiian development?
    Early 1800's
  30. Where did the unearthing of 1,000 burial sites take place?
    Heno Kahua
  31. Why was the Heno Kahua area being dug up?
    Build a hotel & golf course
  32. How many islands were included in the protest against the Heno Kahua burial sites?
    4. Hawaii, Moloki'i, O'ahu
  33. What is the main phrase used in the video regarding the Heno Kahua burial sites?
    Enough is enough
  34. How many bones were dug up?
  35. In what year did the Dutch voyagers see men catching sharks by hand?
  36. What is the name of the Shark callers God?
  37. How did the shark caller know when to go Shark calling?
    He saw it in his dreams
  38. What is the name of the village of the sharkcallers in this video?
    Kantu, Papa Nuguine
  39. How many magic stones did the shark caller drop along the reef?
  40. What is one of the tools the shark caller use to call sharks?
    Coconut Shells rattle (also used magic stones, paddle, club, noose, bait fish)
  41. What is the name and rank of 'Umis father?
    Liloa (chief)
  42. Who was 'Umis mother?
  43. What was Ka-lei-o-ku to 'Umi?
  44. What was the gift from liloa to akahi-akuleana and her husband for raising 'Umi?
    Ahupua'a of Keauakaha
  45. Who were the old men that were mistreated by hakau?
    nunu & ka-kohe
  46. What jewel did 'Umi have that only one is made and belonged to only liloa?
    Palaoa (Jewel Pendent)
  47. 'Umi replaced him as the paramount chief of Hawaii island.
    Hakau (half brother)
  48. Which of 'Umis sons was the fastest runner?
  49. What does Ho'okama mean?
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