English Vocabulary

  1. bandana
    usually red or blue, which functions as a cowboy's neckwear, handkerchief, dust mask, washcloth, towel, hot pad, and tourniquet
  2. bunkhouse
    a structure used as a sleeping quarters for the ranch hands
  3. chaps
    leather leggings worn over blue jeans (from Spanish word chapparerras, meaning leg armor)
  4. chuck wagon
    a food wagon that carries provisions and cooking equipment around to cowboys
  5. cowboy
    a man on horseback employed in herding cattle
  6. cowhand, hand
    a hired ranch hand
  7. corral
    an enclosed space or pen for livestock
  8. cow pony
    horse used for working with cattle--cutting out cows, training cattle, rounding up steers, roping calves
  9. hitching post
    a post having iron loops or rings to which a horse or team may be hitched
  10. lasso (lariat)
    a long rope or leather thong, with a running noose, for catching horses and cattle
  11. range
    open country where cattle graze
  12. saddle roll
    blanket rolled up around extra clothes and tied to back of saddle
  13. spread
    a ranch and all its buildings and cattle
  14. spurs
    the metal hooks worn above the heel of a boot (which probie the cowboy a simple way of signaling and controlling his horse, freeing up his hands to toss a rope or hold the reins)
  15. tack
    equipment used for horses (saddle, harnesses, bridle, reins)
  16. tack room
    place where tack is kept
  17. tenderfoot
    an inexperienced newcomer
  18. trough
    a long, narrow, open receptacle for holding food or water for animals
  19. wrangler
    the cowboy who handles the horses
  20. field
    a patch of farmland, which is plowed, planted, and harvested
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