1. Persia
    • Indo-European people
    • Come with herds
    • Had Empires
    • Mesopotamia is part of Persian Empire
    • Stratified Society
    • Bureaucratic elite
    • Lots of Slavery
    • Water from Qanats
    • Agriculture, Money
  2. Achaemenid Empire
    Cyrus (the great): founds Achaemenid, takes down Medes, constantly expanding empire

    Son-Cambysus: conquers Egypt, bad reputation, adds Egypt to Acharmenid Empire
  3. Achaemenid Empire Continued
    • Darius takes over--founds city Persepolis, divides empire into provinces called Satraps
    • Collected taxes from them, ran by non-persian elite
    • Set up core of spies
    • System of roads...Trade
    • Series of Laws
    • Currency
    • Lots of fighting with the Greeks
  4. Alchaemenid Taken Down
    • By Alexander the Great
    • Then Seleucus takes over Persian Empire
  5. Seleucids
    • (Seleucus)
    • Rule Persia
    • But are kicked out by Parthians
  6. Parthians
    • Take over Persia
    • Set up own Empire
    • Based on Tribes, Calvary, Alfalpha
    • In trouble with Romans
    • Driven out by Sasanids
  7. Sasanids
    • Take over Persia
    • Powerful empire
    • Ties to Achaemenids
    • Had a capitol- Stesiphon
    • Tried to intimidate you with huge crown
  8. Peria Religion

    • Zarathustra-Prophet, maybe mythical
    • Claims oldest religion in world
    • Still exists today
    • God: Ahura Mazda (represents powers of light and good; triumphs over evil)
    • Purity is very important
    • Azar-place of sacred fire
    • Try to avoid corruption and pollution
    • Purify yourself with fire
    • Avestra-Main Book
    • Today called "Parsees" in India
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