Physio Vocab Ch 4

  1. Central Nervous System
    brain and spinal cord
  2. Peripheral Nervous System (consists and contains)
    consists of the nerves outside the brain and spinal cord. Contains somatic, automic, sympathetic and parasympathetic.
  3. Somatic Nervous System
    Control voluntary muscles and conveys sensory information to the central nervous system
  4. Autonomic
    controls involuntary muscles
  5. Sympathetic
    expends energy
  6. parasympathetic
    conserves energy
  7. Dorsal
    toward the back, away from the ventral (stomach) side.
  8. Ventral
    toward the stomach, away from the dorsal (back) side
  9. Anterior
    toward the front end
  10. Posterior
    Toward the rear end
  11. superior
    above another part
  12. inferior
    below another part
  13. lateral
    toward the side, away from the midline
  14. medial
    toward the midline, away from the side
  15. proximal
    located close to the point of origin or attachment
  16. distal
    located more distant from the point of origin or attachment
  17. ipsilateral
    on the same side of the body (two parts on the left or two on the right)
  18. contralateral
    on the opposite side of the body (one on the left and one on the right)
  19. Coronal plane
    a plane that shows brain structure as seen from the front
  20. sagittal plane
    a plane that shows brain structures as seen form the side
  21. horizontal plane
    a plane that shows brain structures as seen from above
  22. spinal cord
    part of the CNS within the spinal column. commumicates wit hall the sense organs and muscles except those of the head. segmented structure
  23. Bell-Magendie Law
    one of the first discoveries about the functions of the nervous system, the entering dorsal roots (axon bundles) carry sensory information, and the exiting ventral roots carry motor information. The axons to and from the skin and muscles are the PNS.
  24. dorsal root ganglia
    clusters of neurons outside the spinal cord.
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