Quiz 2

  1. Affiliates
    local television stations that have made agreements (affiliations) with a network to broadcast programmers offered by that network rather than another.
  2. Balance
    The requirement in television news and current affairs to present both sides of an argument or issue.
  3. Class
    A section of society defined by their relationship to economic activity wether as workers (the working class) or possessors of economic power (the bourgeoisies), for example.
  4. Conspicuous consumption
    The purchase, use, and display of particular goods and services in excess of those needs for subsistence as a means of outwardly demonstrating one's superior wealth, class, and social status.
  5. Documentary
    a form aiming to record actual events, often an explanatory purpose to analyze and debate an issue.
  6. Doucusoap
    a television form combining dramatized storytelling with the ‘objective’ informational techniques of documentary. Abbreviated as ‘dramadoc’ or docudrama’
  7. media literacy
    the skills and competence that viewers that viewers learn in order to understand easily the audio-visual ‘languages’ of media texts.
  8. Merchandising
    the sale of products associated with a television program, such as toys, books and clothing.
  9. Network
    a television institution that transmits programs through local or regional broadcasting stations that are owned by or affiliated to that institution
  10. outsourcing
    obtaining services from an independent business rather tan from within a television institution usually as a means of cutting costs.
  11. public servie television
    the provision of a mix of programs that inform, educate and entertain in ways that encourage the betterment of audiences and society in general.
  12. realism
    the aim for presentations to produce reality faithfully, and the ways this is done.
  13. Reality TV
    programs wehre unscripted performance of 'ordinary people' is the focus of interest.
  14. Syndication
    the sale of programs for regional television broadcasters to transmit with their territory.
  15. uplink
    the electronic system which beams television signals from the ground to a satellite for onward transmission of a television institution elsewhere.
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