Rel2121: Test 2

  1. Scotish Irish Presbyterian Lord'd Supper celebration..
    • (1) ten day celebration with preaching followed by communion
    • (2) was a precursor for events leading up to the Great Awakening
    • (3) begins revival in America
  2. Harvard University..
    begin new line of religious thinking that suggested reason and emotion operated together in developing siritually.

    reason and thinking should work together.
  3. Itenerancy means?
    visiting and preaching in areas without invitation (religion was very territorial)
  4. New Lights..
    • (1) supported revival movement
    • (2) influence was in New England & Middle Colonies
    • (3) emphasizes emotions, justification by faith, itinerant preaching, & radical human expression & reaction
    • (4) Theodore Frelinghuysen
    • (5) George Whitfield
    • (6) James Davenport
    • (7) Jonathon Edwards
    • (8) Gilbert Tennent
  5. George Whitfield..
    "The Grand Itinerant" (traveling preacher); averaged 8000/service
  6. James Davenport..
    noted for loud music, disturbing the peace late at night, powerful extemporaneous sermons, burning idols
  7. Jonathon Edwards..
    "Sinners in the Hands of & Angry God"
  8. Gilbert Tennet..
    Presbyterian preacher in the Middle Colonies
  9. Old Lights..
    • (1) down-played emotions
    • (2) Emhasized rationalism
    • (3) believed in moderation, intellect, predestination, justification through works, attain salvation through time
  10. Sectarianism..
    a strong adherence to a denomination, involves rejection of those who are not like "us"
  11. Morphology of Personal Revival..
    • (1) contrition
    • (2) humiliation
    • (3) vocation
    • (4) implantation
    • (5) exaltion
    • (6) possession
  12. Contrition..
    examine your life according to the Law of God
  13. humiliation..
    -conviction of conscience, realizes there is sin in my life

    -realizes something is wrong
  14. vocation..
    -despair of salvation in respect to one's personal strength, you can't fix it

    -moving progression. "once alcoholic, always an alcoholic"
  15. implantation..
    -true humiliation of heart, grief because of sin

    -come around to grief b/c of it, robbed, lied, cheated
  16. exaltation..
    -first entrance into saving grace

    -finding something "bigger" then I am
  17. possession..
    -awareness of presence of faith

    -awareness that I am different b/c of this. religious connection
  18. 3 log colleges?
    • (1) Dartmouth
    • (2) Brown
    • (3) Princeton
  19. Sacredotal ministry..
    preforming marriages, last rights, and baby dedications and admisinistering communion

    -there was a collapse of authority; meaning a minister had social standing, b/c he could produce results
  20. Queen Mary Tudor..
    "Bloody Mary"; 283 burned at one time while attemting to bring England back to Anglicanism
  21. Queen Mary Stuart of Scotland..
    wanted to take over England and Protestants were in cross fire; Catholic vs. Protestant
  22. doctrines of resistance & rebellion..
    -carries over for the idendene of New World

    -"We will develop over time.. (1700-current) will resist when we can, fight when we have to, in the name of a higher power"
  23. Democracy..
    -America is one nation under God

    -Demos/theos=God ruling over Demographics
  24. Deism..
    belief in God & man's reasoning; relationship with the natural World.
  25. Deism's Fivefold Affimation..
    • (1) God exist
    • (2) God is to be worship
    • (3) Practicing virtue is true worship of God
    • (4) People must repent for wrong doing
    • (5) There are future rewards & punishments
  26. Deism's American addition..
    (6) God is a governing & overruling providence who guides & determines the destinies of nations
  27. Atlantic Slave Trade..
    (1) approx. 12 million from the West Coast of Africa to the New World

    (2) 5 of 6 slaves were to sold to the Carribean & South America

    (3) Slaveholders showed no initial interest in spiritual development of slaves
  28. Civil Religion..
    Religious principles that came out of established religious; parameters

    • (1) Unique beliefs - democracy
    • (2) Myths - every 1 created equal
    • (3) Symbols - flag, eagle
    • (4) Ceremonies - inaugruation
    • (5) Rituals - Vietnam memorial
    • (6) Special Days - July 4th
  29. What was the basis for civil religion?
    English Peritans founded around 1640
  30. Realm of Nature..
    • -developed by Puritans
    • -God's great kingdowm, world
    • -blessed unique land
  31. Realm of Grace..
    God's people of faith
  32. "citizens of the world"..
    Freedon won now belonged to everyone; uniquely blessed as a land.

    • Citizen's had a 2-pronged mission:
    • (1) religous light to nations
    • (2) librators of oppressed
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