ch 61 alcohol withdrawal syndrome

  1. ______ ________ syndrome consists of the disturbances that occur after abrupt cessation of alcohol intake in the alcohol dependent person
    alcohol withdrawal
  2. malnutrition, fatigue, depression, and physical illnesses aggravate withdrawal symptoms and are _______ factors
  3. what are all these symptoms from? why on earth would someone look act this?
    tremor of hands, tongue and eyelids
    nervousness and irritation; anxiety
    malaise, weakness and headache
    dry mouth
    autonomic hyperactivity; sweating, rapid pulse rate, and elevated blood pressure
    transient visual, tactile, or auditory hallucinations
    grand mal seizures
    nausea or vomiting
    because they are having alcohol withdrawals
  4. alcohol withdrawal delirium (DT's delirium tremens) may occur within ___ week(s) of cessation of heavy alcohol intake
    one week!
  5. rapid heartbeat and sweating are features of marked autonomic hyperactivity from what?
    alcohol withdrawal delirium
  6. vivid hallucinations (visual, auditory, tactile), delusions, and agitated behavior, tremor, confusion and disorientation are all what?
    alcohol withdrawal delirium problemos
  7. auditory and visual hallucinations can develop within ____ hours after abruptly stopping or reducing heavy alcohol intake of long standing dependency
  8. alcohol hallucinosis may last ____ or _____
    weeks or months
  9. impairment of hallucinosis is _____, with schizophrenic symptoms, altho schizophrenia is NOT a _______ factor
    • severe
    • predisposing
  10. t/f delirium is present in alcohol hallucinosis
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