child pysc test 3

  1. zygote
    2 human reproductive cells combine in 2 wks
  2. 1 week after zygote
  3. embryonic period
    3-8 wks
  4. fetal period
    9 wks to birth
  5. age of viability
    at approx age 22 wks after conception
  6. teratogen
    substance that risk prenatal abnormalities
  7. apgar scale
    scales at 1-5 intervals scores 0-5 are given
  8. apgar scale
    quick assesment of a newborns functions such as color heartbeat reflex muscle tone respitory effect
  9. smoking causes
    low birth weight
  10. birth weight
    doubles by four mths triples by one year and quadruples at 2 yrs
  11. sleep
    decreases over first 2 yrs
  12. brain size
    increases in size from 25% to 75% within the first 2 yrs
  13. visual cortex
    mature at birth
  14. auditory cortex
    highly acute
  15. frontal cortex
    immature for newborns
  16. transient exuberance
    refers to increase in the number of dendrites that occur in infants brain during the 1st 2 yrs
  17. sensation
    the response of a sensory system when it detects stimulus such as ears, eyes,skin, tongue, nose.
  18. perception
    • the mental processing of sensory information when the brain intercepts a sensation
    • all perception require exsperience
  19. gross motor skills
    the ability to move large body movements walk , jumping
  20. fine motor skills
    physical movement of small body movement writing,drawing
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child pysc test 3
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