1. Describe blood in terms of what type of tissue it is
  2. Describe blood in terms of what type of cells are found in it
  3. Describe the function of each of the type of blood cells
    • Erythrocytes:
    • Leukocytes:
    • Platelets:
    • Plasma:
  4. Explaim where blood cells come from
  5. What is hemoglobin
  6. Explain what determines a person's blood type
  7. What blood types are compatible?
    • A, O -> A, AB
    • B, O -> B, AB
    • A, B, AB, O -> AB
    • O -> A, B, AB, O
  8. What is agglutination?
    A defense response to markers on the surface of red blood cells (not just the ABO markers) that do not match, where the blood cells clump.
  9. What is hemolytic disease of the newborn and why does it occur?
  10. Stroke
    Occurs when an emboul blocks flow to some part of the brain (blood clot)
  11. Anemia
    Develop when red blood cells deliver too little oxygen to the tissues
  12. Hemophelia
    A genetic disorder where clotting factors are absent from the blood so it does not clot properly
  13. Sickle Cell Anemia
    a genetic disease caused by premature destruction of red blood cells (hemolytic anemias)
  14. Leukemia
    A very serious cancer in which there is an overproduction of white blood cells and destruction of bone marrow.
  15. Why is carbon monoxide so dangerous?
    Carbon monoxide poisoning prevents hemoglobin from binding oxygen. It is a colorless, odorless gas and binds to hemoglobin 200times more tightly than oxygen thus blocking oxygen transport tissues.
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