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  1. Allegory
    A story with both a literal and symbolic meaning
  2. Analogy
    A comparison of two things that are somewhat alike
  3. Antihero
    A protagonist who does not have the traditional attributes of a hero
  4. Archetypes
    Primordial images and symbols that occur frequently in literature, myth, religion, and folklore
  5. Assonance
    The repitition of vowel sounds in two or more words that do not rhyme. Like the black cat scratched the saddle
  6. Bathos
  7. Burlesque
    Low comedy, rediculous exaggeration, nonsense. *cough*tramont*cough*
  8. Chiaroscuro
    The contrasting of light and darkness
  9. Colloquialism
    A local expression that is not accepted in formal speech or writing
  10. Consonance
    The repitition of a consonant at the end of two or more words
  11. Context
    The words or phrases surrounding a word
  12. Double entendre
    A statement that has two meanings, one of which is suggestive or improper
  13. Dramatoc irony
    Results when the reader or audience knows or understands something that a character does not know
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