1. Genetics
    The feild of biology devoted to understanding how characteristics are passed from parent to offspring
  2. Heredity
    The trasmition of characteristics from parent to offspring.
  3. Trait
    • a gentically determined variant of a characteristic.
    • EX. Yellow color of a flower
  4. Pollination
    Pollen grains produced in the male reproductive parts of a flower are transfered to the female reproductive parts of the flower.
  5. Self-Pollination
    Pollen is transferred from the anthers of a flower to the stigma of either that flower or another flower of the same plant.
  6. Cross-Pollination
    Pollen is transferred from the anthers of a flower to the stigma of a different plant.
  7. True-breeding
    • Pure, for a trait always produced offspring with that trait when they self-pollinate.
    • EX: pea plants with yellow pods self-pollinate to produce yellow pods.
  8. P generation
    True-breeding parents
  9. F1 Generation
    Offspring of the true-breeding parents.
  10. F2 Generation
    Self-pollinated offspring of the F1 Generation.
  11. Dominant
    • The factor that masked the factor for the other trait.
    • EX: Tt, Pp, Gg
  12. Recessive
    • Weaker Gene of the two, for it to appear it needs to be paired with the same Gene.
    • EX: rr, tt, yy
  13. Law of segregation
    a pair of factors (genes) is segregated or separated during the frmation of gametes.
  14. Independant Assortmane
    factors separated independently of one another during the formation of gametes
  15. Molecular gentetics
    study of the structure and function of chromosomes and genes
  16. Alleles
    Each of the two or more alternate forms of a gene
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