Exam 1 phil

  1. Cephalus definition of justice
    • -To repay debts and tell the truth
    • - Don't tell the truth or give a gun to a mad man
    • - Motivated by fear to pay debts
  2. Polemarcus definition of justice
    - simodidies
    - how socrates proves wrong
    Simodides- render to each his due

    Plato - to give the person what is appropriate

    Justice never harms only makes better

    Polemarchus- to help friends and harm enemies

    We are bad judges (not best judges of character)
  3. Thrasymacus definition of justice
    justice in the interest of the stronger
  4. Thrasymacus
    Ruler in strict sense
    • -one who knows what their interests are (will have the interest of the weaker in mind)
    • Knowlegde --> gives interest of weaker
  5. Glaucon definition of justice
    burdensome but useful
  6. what does burdensome but useful mean?
    Burdensome - don’t get everything you want

    Useful - because keep the things you got
  7. Glaucon 3 kinds of good
    • 1. Momentary pleasure
    • 2. Good in selves and for consequences
    • 3. Burdensome but useful
  8. Kingship state
    No poverty

    War when necessary

    Education philisophical & Physical
  9. Kingship individal
    Unified w/ reason and control
  10. Timocracy state
    Into of property

    Honor (war) is esteemed

    Physical training is primary
  11. Timocracy individual
    • Unity is questioned
    • Soul is torn between reason and honor
  12. Oligarchy (rule of rich an wealthy) - biggest threat mine and not mine
    Divided into rich and poor not unified

    2 cities- "rich spending person offers nothing to community"

    Preoccupation w/ $

    Not honor, but benefits of honor

    Property qualifications for office

    Need to know how money doesn't mean you know how to rule
  13. Oligarchy individual
    Fear of losing $ (cephalus)

    Reason used for business ("money making enterprises")

    Frugalty 7 charity from fear not harmony
  14. Democracy state
    • Rule of the poor
    • All do as they please

    No compulsion to rule or be ruled

    Equality of equals and unequals

    No show of superiority --> showing superiorit makes things unequal
  15. Democracy individal
    All desires equal

    No coherence on unity

    Moving from one desire to the next
  16. Despitism (Tyranny)

    People choose chanpion from amoungh them to get $ from the rich

    Champion must have body guard (group of armed men like army)

    w/this power he enslaves the people

    Uses war as a distraction of what he is doing illegally
  17. Despitism (Tyranny) individual
    • Lust rules
    • Nothing more important than what is desired

    All other aspects of soul are enslaved to desite
  18. 3 kinds of pleasure
    • - Philosophic- kows all 3 and judges with experience, knowledge, and reason
    • - Honor/victory loving- knows itself and money loving
    • - Money loving- knows only itself
  19. Ontology
  20. Epistemology
  21. Techne
    craft skill or art
  22. Dikaiosyne
    justice; morality and righteousness
  23. Piraeus
  24. Relegare
    to be bound
  25. Psyche
  26. Psychane
    to breathe
  27. Ensyche
    a living thing
  28. Euduimonia
    Fulfilled complete life
  29. Gymnastike
    the naked things
  30. Musike
    measured things
  31. Forms called ontos on
    the beingly being (the really real)
  32. Eidos
    the look of things
  33. myopic
  34. time
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