Finance 3716

  1. a snapshot of the firm's assets and liabilities at a given point in time.
    the balance sheet
  2. assets are listed in oder of decreasing_____
  3. difference between current assets and current liabilities. Let's you know how much money you have for business.
    Networking Capital
  4. ability to convert to cash quickly without a significant loss in value.
  5. the right side of the balance sheet, helps determine a fimr's financial future through stockholder's equity.
    capital structure
  6. high profit margin
    fixed asssets
  7. provides the book value of the assets, liabilities, and equity.
    balance sheet
  8. the price at which the assets, liabilities, or equity can actually be bought or sold.
    Market Value
  9. is more like a video of the firm's operations for a specified period of time.
    income statement
  10. GAAP says to showe revenue when it accrues and match the expenses required to generate the revenue.
    Matching Principle
  11. the percentagepaid on the next dollar earned. Associted with the federal government and changes constantly.
    marginal tax rate
  12. total taxes paid divided by total taxable income
    average tax rate
  13. expenses charged aganist revenues that do not directly affect cash flow, such as depreciation
    noncash items
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