Musculo Lecture 1

  1. What are two foundations for ADL activity?
    • Precautions
    • Joint protection
  2. What are two types of movement?
    • Translatory (linear)
    • Rotary
  3. Describe translatory movement
    • Compression
    • Distraction
    • Sliding/gliding
  4. Describe rotary movement
    • Angular motion
    • rotational motion (spin)
  5. What is curvilinear?
    A motion in which the moving body moves toward the same direction along a curved path
  6. Types of motion are based on what?
    • Degrees of Freedom
    • Kinematic Chain
    • Joint Kinematics
  7. What are two types of Kinematic chains and give examples
    • Open chain - Elbow flexion with weights
    • Closed chain - Elbow flexion by donig a push up
  8. What are two types of joint kinematics?
    • Osteokinematics
    • Arthrokinematics
  9. What is an elastic force?
    • Restoring force that tends to bring a materialb ack to its resting shape and size
    • Proportional to the amount of deformation; More deformation, longer time needed for return
  10. What is a moment arm?
    Perpendicular distance from the axis to the line of appication of the force
  11. What are 2 rules of moment arms?
    • What a foce is applied at 90 degrees, MA = LA
    • At all other angles, MA will be smaller than LA
  12. What is an angle of application of force?
    • Angle between the action line and the lever on the side of the joint axis
    • As angle increases, MA gets bigger until 90 degrees, but gets smaller beyond 90
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