Computer Vocab

  1. When you should give credit for using other's work
    • 1) Copy someone's exact words - even one sentence
    • 2) Tell someone else's idea in your own words
    • 3) Copy someone's drawing, diagram, chart, or graph
    • 4) Copy facts that most people do not know
  2. Plagiarism
    Copying other people's work without giving them credit.
  3. Spam
    Junk e-mail. It is usually used for advertising.
  4. Spyware
    Software that is used to gain access to a person's internet connection. It gathers information from the user, without the user knowing.
  5. Flaming
    Sending messages meant to hurt someone's feelings.
  6. Cyber Bullying
    A situation where a teen is continually "tormented, threatened, harassed, humiliated, or otherwise targeted" by another teen using text messaging, email, instant messenger, or any other digital type of technology.
  7. Cyber Stalking
    Stalking or harassing someone online.
  8. Text Box
    A container or "box" that is used to type text. The container can be formatted, sized, and moved.
  9. Picture Box
    A container or "box" that has an image within the frame. It can be formatted, sized, and moved.
  10. Spreadsheet
    A rectangular table (or grid) of information. It helps you manage and store numbers and text.
  11. Formula
    Used to add, subtract, multiply, and divide numbers in a spreadsheet. Always begins with an equal sign (=).

    Ex: =D12*D13
  12. Function
    A built in formula in a spreadsheet.

    Ex: =SUM(B3:B7)
  13. Cell
    When the column and row form a rectangle it is called a cell. It is one area on a spreadsheet.
  14. Active Cell
    The cell that is highlighted and shown in the formula bar.
  15. Column
    A column is identified by an alphabetical letter.
  16. Row
    A row is identified by a number.
  17. Excel
    An electronic spreadsheet program. An electronic spreadsheet is a software that uses a computer to perform numeric calculations rapidly and accurately.
  18. Steps to Formatting Margins
    • 1) Go to the Page Layout
    • 2) Click on Margins Tab
    • 3) Modify the inches accordingly
  19. Steps to Inserting Columns/Rows
    • 1) Highlight a column or row on the side field
    • 2) Right click
    • 3) Click insert column or row, above or below
  20. Formula Bar
    The formula bar in Excel is located above the work area of the spreadsheet. The formula bar displays the data or formula stored in the active cell.
  21. Microsoft Publisher
    A program that allows you to create publications using already made templates and designs.
  22. Publication
    The act or process of publishing printed material. It is printed information (books, newspapers, brochures, etc.) for the public
  23. Template
    • An electronic file with a predesigned, customized format and structure.
    • -an already made design or pattern for you to use/follow.
  24. Multimedia
    Media that uses multiple forms of information content and information processing (ex: text, audio, graphics, animation, video, etc.) to inform or entertain an audience.
  25. Clipboard
    A designated memory holding area that temporarily stores information copied or cut from a document, or files for transfer.
  26. Drawing Tools
    From your tool bar you can click on the drawing keys that allow you to create geometric shapes and other freefrom shapes.
  27. WordArt
    A text box that is predesigned with 3D fonts that can be modified, sized, and rotated.
  28. Typography
    The art or practice of setting and arranging type; to create art or send a message.
  29. Steps to inserting a picture from the internet into Publisher
    • 1) Go to the webpage where your picture is
    • 2) Right click picture and save as - into a folder in your documents
    • 3) Go to Publisher and click on the Insert Tab
    • 4) Go to Insert Picture - from file
    • 5) Click on the picture you want and insert it to your Publisher document
  30. Import
    To download picture or video into a program for future use.
  31. Titles
    Text that can be added to the beginning, middle, or end of your movie
  32. Transition
    A way to move from one image to the next with a certain effect.
  33. Storyboard
    A timeline of pictures, audio, and transitions of your video.
  34. Effects
    Effects that can be placed to the images that will change the way they look or appear.
  35. Finished Movie Files
    Once your movie is finished you complete the movie to a .wmv file. It is unchangeable in this form in the Movie Maker program.
  36. Steps to importing images or sounds
    • 1) Under Capture Video link
    • 2) Click Import Pictures
    • 3) From drop down menu choose the folder where your pictures are and select the one you want
    • 4) Click Import
  37. Movie Maker
    A program made by Windows. It allows you to put a series of pictures or videos into a movie and add music to the background.
  38. Advertise
    To show the public merchandise, places, or people. It is to make a point to or to promote your business.
  39. Assets
    Positive/appealing aspects about a subject, person, or place.
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