dental assisting

  1. The bone that surrounds the roots and supports the teeth
    alveolar bone
  2. The part of the mandible and maxilla that surrounds and supports the roots of the teeth; it is also called the alveolar bone
    alveolar process
  3. The bony socket where the tooth is
  4. A division in two branches
  5. affecting both sides
  6. calcified tissue which covers the root of the tooth
  7. an elevation of posterior teeth in the cervical 1/3
    cervical ridge
  8. curved inward; another name for a depression
  9. a surface that is rounded and raised cruved outward
  10. A rounded elevation on or near the occlusal surface of a tooth
  11. a small, minor cusp of the maxillary first molar
    cusp of carabelli
  12. the study of the forms of the teeth
    dental morphology
  13. a thin line that forms during tooth development when parts of the tooth are joined together
    developmental groove
  14. a naturally occuring space between the teeth
  15. the process of shedding, or naturally losing, a tooth
  16. a rounded depression on the surface of a tooth
  17. a thin line depression on the crown of a tooth
  18. a triangular shaped area cervical to the contact area of two adjoining teeth
    interproximal space
  19. where two surfaces of a tooth join together
    line angle
  20. a growth center that develops into a major part of the tooth
  21. a smalled, rounded are on the incisal edge of an incisior
  22. a ridge that seperates the occlusal or lingual surface from the mesial and distal surfaces
    marginal ridge
  23. a depressed area in the middle of the cervical 1/3 of the mesial surface of the crown just under the contact area of maxillary first premolars and first molars
    mesial concavity
  24. a developmental groove that crosses the mesial marginal ridge of the maxillary first premolar
    mesial marginal groove
  25. the study of form
  26. a ridge that runs obliquely across the occlusal surface of maxillary molars
    oblique ridge
  27. a band of connective tissue fibers that surrounds the rooth of the tooth and connects the root to the alveolar bone. additionally functions to cushion the tooth to occlusal forces
    periodontal ligament
  28. a small depressed area where grooves join
  29. the palce at which 3 crown surfaces meet
    point angle
  30. a raised area forming a line on the surface of the crowns of teeth
  31. a shallow secondary groove, it does not mark the fusion of two lobes
    supplemental groove
  32. the union of two triangular ridges
    tranverse ridge
  33. a ridge that slopes from the tip of a cusp to the central groove
    triangular ridge
  34. an uncommon elevation found on the tooth crown by excess enamel
  35. the study of the shapes and structures of the teeth and the way the teeth are arranged in the arches
    dental morphology
  36. above the root
    anatomical crown
  37. below the root
    anatomical root
  38. where the anatomical crown and root meet
  39. The convex area on a proximal surface that touches the adjacent teeth in the same arch
    contact area
  40. the spaces next to the contact area of adjacent teeth
  41. imaginary vertical line through the center of the tooth
    long axis
  42. a large round area on the lingual surface of anterior teeth
  43. a small round area on the incisal edge of an incisor
  44. an elevation that seperates the occlusalor lingual surface from a proximal surface
    marginal ridge
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