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  1. in psychoanalysis, the part of the personality containing inherited psychic energy, particulary sexual and agressive instincts; all about me.
  2. in psychoanalysis, the part of the personality that represents reason, good sence, and rational self-control.
  3. methods used by the ego to prevent inconscious anxiety or threatening thoughtd from entering the consciousness
    defence mechanisms
  4. people direct their emotions toward things, animals, or other people that are not the real object of their feelings.
  5. when the displacement serves as higher cultural or socially useful purpose, as in the creation of art or inventions
  6. sexual energy takes different frms as the child matures
    psychosexual stages
  7. this stage occurs during the first year of life, when babies experiance everything through their mouth
    oral stage
  8. This stage happens between 2 and 3 ; her becomes "anal retentive" holding everything in and about neatness and cleanliness, or "anal expulsive", messy and disorganized
    Anal stage
  9. This stage happens between 3 and 5; child unconsciously wishes to possess the parent of the opposite sex and to get rid of the parent of the same sex.(oedipus complex)
    phallic stage
  10. child's personality is formed; unconscious conflicts with parents, unresulved fixations and guilt, attitudes toward both sexes will continue to replay throughout life
    latency stage
  11. begins at puberty and leads to adult sexuality
    genital stage
  12. in psychoanalysis, a conflict occuring in the phallic stage, in which a child desires the parent of the opposite sex and views the same sexed parent as a rival.
    oedipus complex
  13. developed theory of collective unconscious and archetype
    carl jung
  14. in jungian theory, the universal memories and experiances of humankind, represented in the symbols, stories, and images that occur across all cultures
    collective unconscious
  15. emphasizes the importance of the infants first two years of life, and the baby's formative relationships, especially with the mother
    object-relations school
  16. standardized questionarres that require written respnses, typically ro multiple-choice or true-false demo
    objective test inventories
  17. one of the most influencial pshychologist in the emperical study of personality
    Gordan Allport
  18. reflecs a characteristics way of behaving, dealing with others, and reacting to new situations
    centeral traits
  19. more changable aspects of personality
    secondary traits
  20. analysis that identifies cludters of corrilwated items that seem to be measuring some common inderlying factor
    factor analysis
  21. the basic unit of heredity
  22. deposition to resopnd to the enviroment in certain ways
  23. a strtistical estimate of the total variance in some trait that is attributable to genetic differences among individuals within a group
  24. a fertilized egg divides into two parts and becomes two embryos
    identical twins
  25. two separate eggs are released, and each egg is fertalized by a different sperm
    fraternal twins
  26. situations influence behavior and beliefs;unique and chance experiances that are not shared with anyone else
    Reciprocal determinisn nonshared environment
  27. a program of shared rules that governs the behavior of a community and a society; sets of values, beliefs, and attiude shared by the members of that community
  28. the self if regarded as autonomous ans individual goals and wishes are prized above duty and relations with others
    individual culture
  29. the self is regarded as embedded in relationships, and harmoney with ones group is prized above individual goals and wishes
    collective culture
  30. an approach that emphasizes personal growth, resiliance, and the achievement of human potential
    humanidt psychology
  31. rare moments of rapture caused by the attainment of exellence or the experiance of beauty
    peak experiance
  32. coined inconditional positive regard
    Carl Rogers
  33. love or support given to another person with no conditions attatched
    unconditional positive regard
  34. an approach that emphasizes the inevitable delimmas and challenges of himan existence
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