CH.5 The Caribbean Geo Facts

  1. What is the Caribbean economy based on?
    • tourism
    • offshore banking
    • manufacturing
    • exports
  2. Who influenced the Caribbeans?
    Europeans and US
  3. How many countries in the Caribbeans?
  4. Which region has greater cultural diversity? Caribbeans or Latin America?
  5. Which body of water links the region
    Caribbean Sea
  6. Name the islands in the Greater Antilles
    • Cuba
    • Jamaica
    • Haiti
    • Dominican Republic
    • Puerto Rico
  7. Which land mases make up the Lesser Antilles?
    • Small islands from Virgin Islands to Trinidad
    • Leeward and Windward Islands
  8. Which countries make up the Rimland
    Belize and the Guianas
  9. The coastal zone of mainland, from Belize to the
    Guianas is known as?
    The Rimland
  10. The major economic activity found in the
    Caribbean today is
  11. Countries in the Caribbean make most of their
    money from off-shore banking through local taxes..right??
  12. What countries make up "Hispaniola"
    Haiti and Dominican Republic
  13. What are the seasons dependent upon in the Caribbean?
    Rainfall...temperature remains relatively the same all year
  14. How many hurricanes tend to move through the Caribbean each year?
  15. Which hurricane killed at least 10,000 and left like 2.5 million homeless in the 20th century?
    Hurricane Mitch
  16. What concept is used to explain the Caribbean's unusual and contradictory position in the world?
    Isolated Proximity
  17. What characteristics about the Caribbean are brought about by its Isolated Proximity?
    • Increased cultural diversity
    • limited economic opportunity
    • Proximity to North America that ensures transnational connection
  18. What environmental problem did the entrance of the Europeans into the region cause?
    Devastating deforestation
  19. Which region is less threatened by deforestation that supports wildlife and is protected by conservational efforts
  20. What local environmental problems do the Caribbeans have?
    Water contamination and Sewage disposal
  21. How much of Haiti's population has access to clean water?
  22. Where is 87% of the Caribbean's population concentrated?
    Greater Antilles
  23. How fast is the region growing?
  24. What disease in the Caribbean has an infection rate more than 3 times that of North America?
  25. Does the Caribbean have a high Rate of Natural Increase?
  26. What is the term for the economic flight of Caribbean peoples across the globe?
    Caribbean Diaspora
  27. What caused the Rural-to-Urban migration in the Caribbean since the 60s?
    • mechanization of agriculture
    • offshore industrialization
    • rapid population growth
  28. What are some characteristics of housing in Cuba?
    • Many shantytowns
    • Govt. built Apt. blocks
    • Stolen electricity from powerlines
    • Houses stand on poles cuz of flooding
  29. Designates a cultural region extending from midway up coast of Brazil through the Guianas and the Caribbean into southeastern U.S.
    Plantation America
  30. What is production of a single commodity (such as sugar) called?
    Mono-crop production
  31. What is the name for workers contracted for a set period of time?
    Indentured Labor
  32. What was the result of colonial governments freeing slaves by mid 19th century
    Asian Immigration
  33. Where are the largest Asian populations in the Caribbean?
    Suriname, Guyana, Trinidad & Tobago
  34. This forced removal of Africans from their native area happened in the 16th century
    African Diaspora
  35. How many Africans were relocated during the slave trade?
    over 10 million
  36. What are Maroon Societies?
    Communities of escaped slaves
  37. Did any Maroon societies survive and what was their impact?
    • Some survived but many didn't
    • preserved African traditions
  38. Do African religions remain in the Caribbean?
    Yes...mainly Voodoo
  39. What is the blending of African, European, and Amerindian cultural elements into a unique system
  40. What is the highest spoken language in the Caribbean?
  41. What are some influential sounds in the Caribbean? (music)
    • Steel drums
    • reggae
    • Rara
  42. What proclaimed that U.S. would not tolerate European military involvement in Western Hemisphere
    Monroe Docrine
  43. What U.S. action forced Cuba to cede Guantanamo
    Bay to the U.S.
    Platt Ammendment
  44. US control over Caribbean through imposition of will and military force is typically characterized as...
    "Life in the American Backyard"
  45. Do Puerto Ricans seek to secede from the U.S.
    Some do...others like the closeness and the free-flowing access.
  46. Are at least most Caribbean countries independent today?
  47. Which trade block was established for the Caribbeans?
    Caribbean Community and Common Market (CARICOM)
  48. What was major commodity during the slave trade era in the Caribbeans?
  49. What commodity today dominates much of Caribbean trade?
  50. What are duty-free and tax-exempt industrial parks made to attract foreign corporations called
    Free-Trade Zones
  51. What is the new industry in the region?
    Online Gambling
  52. What is so attracting of the Caribbean's offshore banking?
    They offer specialized services that are confidential and tax exempt
  53. What is the serious problem involving huge gap between gross receipts and total tourist dollars thatremain in Caribbean (money flowing out of the country into other country's companies)
    Capital leakage
  54. What happens to a nation when a large percentage of the best-educated people leave the region (happening to the Caribbeans)
  55. What are Remittances?
    Money sent back to home country
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