IR and the Sea 2/24

  1. What is the difference between ships and boats?
    • put a boat on ship
    • boats don't have to fly flags
  2. Why is it hard to supress piracy/
    don't follow rules
  3. boundaries of Maritime Jursidiction
    • Inland waters
    • Territorial Sea
    • Contiguous Zone
    • Exclusive Economic Zone
    • continental Shelf
  4. Inland waters
    • wholly within land boundries
    • no innocent passage
    • own the airspaces as well
  5. What year did the air space go from being out to space?
    • 1957
    • sputnk pass and no one cared
    • now space is for everyone
    • defined to where the planes control doesn't work
  6. How far out is the territorial sea
    from baseline to 12 NM
  7. how far out is the contiguous zone
    from 12 NM to 14 NM
  8. how far out is the exclusive economic zone
    12NM to 200NM
  9. Territorial sea
    • equidistance method most common between adjacent or opposite states
    • historic fishing rights founded on "vital needs of population" may affect lines
    • "special cericumstances" also a factor
  10. contenental shelf and exclusive economic zone
    • boundries to be determined "by agreement"
    • for shelp: "equitable solution" and "relevent circumstances" to rule
  11. How are disputes arising before signing the LOS handled?
    no obligation for 3rd party resolution
  12. how are disputes handeled after signing LOS?
    3rd party resolution mandatory
  13. How does territorial and land territory differe
    innocent passage
  14. innocent passage
    • must be continuous and expeditious
    • a vessel may stop for navigation purposes
    • "force majeure"
    • a vessel may give assistance to those in distress
  15. Innocent passage 'no-no's'
    • Threat or use of force
    • practice with weapons
    • collecting intelligence info
    • propaganda
    • launching/recovering aircraft or military devices
    • smuggling
    • pollution
    • fishing
    • research or survey
    • interfering with communications
    • any activity not bearing directly on passage
  16. Coastal states - innocent passage
    • may verify nature of passage
    • may temporarily suspend passage in some areas - testing guns
    • may impose certain restictions and establish transit lanes
    • normally no criminal jurisdiction
  17. Innocent passage and warships
    • submarines must transit on surface
    • nuclear powered hsips may be restricted to transit lanes (but what if carrying nuclear weapons)
    • no right to passage in overhead airspace
  18. transit of straites
    • right to pass through straits used for international navigation is widely protected
    • suspension of transit and discrimination against states is not permitted
    • right does not exist when open ocean transit possible
  19. Straites of Malaccaq
    • super busy
    • put transit lanes into effect
    • radio frequency
    • ships big and don't turn on a dime
    • GPS a big help - tell you where evyerhting is
  20. Contiguous zone
    coastal states may enfroce custmes, fiscal, immigration, or sanitary lawas in the zone
  21. how far out is the high seas
    after 350 NM
  22. EEZ
    • 12-200 NM "superadjacent waters"
    • coasta state has two responsibilites: prevent over explotation
  23. EEZ politically
    • preserve resources of small states
    • some states try to limit all research in EEZ
    • are EEZ's a prelude ot plitical control?
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