Analogy 2 Group 2 multiple choice

  1. What is an abacus?

    D. a divice for calculating, consisting of beads on rod and a frame.
  2. Define acquit.

    B. to pronounce not guilty
  3. What does it mean to admonish someone?

    D. to caution; to express disapproval of
  4. Define advocate.

    • B. to plead in favor of; to recommend publicly.
    • One who pleads for or favors a particular position on an issue.
  5. When you are having an altercation, what is happening?

    D. you are having an angry dispute.
  6. If you are amulatory what are you capable of?

    A. walking
  7. What is an anecdote?

    B. a brief story describing an interesting incident.
  8. What is an anomaly?

    B. something irregular or differing from the common type or form.
  9. Ben Franklin said many aphorisms. What was he saying?
    a. long stories of history
    b. lectures to kids
    c spells he cast on the society
    d. a short, sise saying; a proverb
    d. a short wise saying; a proverb
  10. Define arbitary.

    A. determined by individual will or judgement
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