1. What are the names of the 2 major divisions of the skeleton?
    • axial skeleton
    • appendicular skeleton
  2. What is the fxn of the axial skeleton?
    to support and protect the brain, spinal cord, and organs in the ventral body cavities along with provide extensive surface area for attachment of muscles.
  3. What are the 4 subdivisions of the axial skeleton?
    • Skull
    • Bones pertaining to the skull
    • Vertebral Column
    • Thoracic cage
  4. How many individual bones are in the axial skeleton?
  5. What are the major bones of the axial division?
    skull, vertebrae, sternum, ribs, hyoid bone
  6. What are the 4 subdivisions of the appendicular skeleton?
    • pectoral girdle
    • upper limbs
    • pelvic girdle
    • lower limbs
  7. How many kinds of bones are in the appendicular skeleton?
    • 16
    • phalanges are counted 2 times because they are in the feet and in the hands.
  8. How many individual bones are in the appendicular skeleton?
  9. What are the bones of the appendcular skeleton? How many of each bone are found in the body?
    Clavical (2), Humerus (2), Ulna (2), Radius (2), Carpal bones (16), metacarpals (10), phalanges (28), hip bone (2), femur (2), patella (2), Tibia (2), Fibula (2), Tarsal bones (14), Metatarsal bones (10) and phalanges (28)
  10. in which skeleton is the hyoid bone found?
  11. In which skeleton is the humerus found?
  12. In which skeleton is the skull found?
  13. In which skeleton is the clavicle found in?
  14. Is the radius found in the axial skeleton or the appendicular skeleton?
  15. In layman terms, describe what and where the tibula is located in the body?
    it is the larger long bone of distal to the patella

    lower leg
  16. What are the metatarsals?
    the (5) bones at the top of each foot
  17. What are the carpal bones?
    The (8) bones that make up each wrist
  18. What are the phalanges and where are they located?
    They are the bones of the digits found in either the fingers or the toes. There are 56 total in the body
  19. Where is your femur?
    thigh bone
  20. Where is your scapula and which skeleton is it part of?
    in the pectoral girdle of the appendicular skeleton
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