Anologies 2 Word Group 2

  1. abacus
    a device for calculating, consisting of beads on rods and a frame.
  2. acquit
    to pronounce not guilty
  3. admonish
    to caution; to express disapproval of
  4. advocate
    to plead in favor of; to recommend publicly
  5. altercation
    an angry dispute
  6. ambulatory
    able to walk; moving from place to place by walking
  7. anecdote
    a brief story describing an interesting incident
  8. anomaly
    a short wise saying; a proverb
  9. aphorism
    a short, wise saying; a proverb.
  10. arbitrary
    determined by individual will or judgment
  11. archetype
    a model or pattern
  12. artifact
    an object, sometimes artistic, made by a human with a view towards later use
  13. atone
    to make amends for; to make up for
  14. avalanche
    a large mass of snow falling down a mountain
  15. avert
    to turn away; to turn aside; to avoid
  16. bereavement
    the sad emotional condition that is felt after the death of a loved one
  17. berth
    a shelf-like sleeping place for passengers on a train or ship; a docking space for a ship
  18. bland
    mild, agreeable, not irrtating
  19. burly
    great in bodily size and weight
  20. caricature
    a pictue in which certain parts are exaggerated to the point of distortion
  21. cascade
    a small, steep waterfall
  22. chastise
    to punish for the sake of moral improvment
  23. choreogarapher
    a person who creates a dance for the stage, especially a ballet
  24. coagulation
    a sticky mass that has developed from a thickening fluid
  25. condolence
    an expression of sympathy
  26. conformity
    agreement; a condition in whith different parts or people correspond in form, nature, or character
  27. convene
    to come together; to assemble
  28. culpable
    deserving blame; guilty
  29. cummerbund
    a broad sash worn as a waistband, especially in formal wear
  30. deface
    to mar the external appearnce of something
  31. defer
    to put off to a future time
  32. despot
    a ruler with complete power, especially one who uses it cruelly
  33. dike
    a structure built to hold back water
  34. discourse
    a talk; a conversationl; a discussion
  35. discriminate
    to make a distinction in favor of or against a person or thing as compared with others
  36. dissipate
    to waste; tp squander; to separate into parts and scatter or vanish
  37. dredge
    to search the bottom of a river by means of a scoop or suction pipe
  38. efface
    to wipe out; to make indistinct by rubbing out; to obliterate
  39. emulation
    the act of trying to equal, imitate, or excel
  40. epistle
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