Chapter 3&4 Terms

  1. contested
    disputed challenged
  2. letter of nonengagement
    a letter sent by an attorney to a prospective client explicitly stating that the attorney will not be representing this person
  3. meritious
    having a reasonable basis to believe that a persons claim or defense will succeed
  4. retainer
    the contract of employment between attorney and client
  5. letter of authorization
    a letter that tells the recipient that the office represents the client and that the client consents to the release of any information about the client to the office
  6. cohabition agreement
    a contract made by two individuals who intend to stay unmarried indefinately that covers financial and related matters while living together, upon separation, or upon death
  7. waiver
    the relinquishment or giving up of a right or privilege becuz of an explicit rejection of it or because of a failure to take appropriate steps to claim it at the proper time
  8. civil union
    a same sex legal relationship in Vermont that grants the same benefits, protections, and responsibilities under Vermont law that are granted to spouses in a marriage
  9. adultery
    sexual relations between a married person and someone other than his or her spouse
  10. cohabit
    to live together as husband and wife
  11. putative spouse
    a person who reasonably believed he or she entered a valid marriage even though there was a legal impediment that made the marriage unlawful
  12. palimony
    a nonlegal term for payments made by one nonmarried party to another after they cease living together, usually because they entered an express or implied contract to do so while they were living together or cohabiting
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