Theory II

  1. evaluation is a systematic determination of ____, _____ or ______
    • worth
    • value
    • significance
  2. t/f evaluation provides ongoing feedback throughout dental hygiene appt
  3. what is the importance of assessing the outcome of both clinical and preventive interventions at the completion of a treatment cycle?
    identifies need for further treatment and adapted seflcare protocols
  4. t/f evaluation does not help to determine appropriate maintenance interval
    false it DOES help
  5. what are the six steps in evaluation?
    • determine indicators to evaluate
    • assessments
    • collaboration
    • feedback
    • evidence based
    • documentation
  6. _______ = continuing care
  7. t/f oral diseases do recur but control is possible through combined personal and professional effort
  8. t/f the success of the maintenance depends on the clinician and their skills
    FALSE! depends on understanding of pt
  9. the purposes of maintenance are to continue _____ state, prevent ______ of infection, prevent new _____, monitor clinical signs of ______ and ______, monitor educational and ____ changes, ongoing_____ and pt _____ (go fight win! you can do it!)
    • health
    • recurrence
    • disease
    • health and disease
    • behavioral
    • treatment
    • motivation
  10. t/f the ppaointment intervals of maintenance are fixed for every pt, it should be every 6 months
    false! depends on individuals 2-9 months
  11. appointement intervals for maintenance is based on _____ activity, _____ risk, _____ factors, pt ______ and previous disease
    • disease
    • caries
    • risk
    • compliance
  12. what are some examples of pt that need special appointment requirements of 2 or 3 months
    • mentally or physicalled disabled
    • diabetes
    • cardiovascular disease
    • pt undergoing extensive dental care
    • rampant dental caries
    • ortho
  13. what are some reasons for referral during the initial visit?
    • agressive periodontitis
    • necrotizing ulcerative gingivitis
    • drug induced gingival enlargement (phenytoin)
  14. what are some reasons for referral during maintenance?
    • pocket depth
    • furcation involvement
    • mucogingival problems (lack of attached gingiva near healthy receded gingival margins)
    • periodontal disease that is refractory or not responsive
    • severe bone loss and mobility
  15. how can you prevent/control recolonization?
    • daily personal dental biofilm control
    • professional supervision and maintenance
  16. what are some factors contributing to recurrence of perio? 6
    • inadequate biofilm control
    • lack of compliance
    • incomplete professional treatment
    • tobacco use
    • systemic disease
    • genetic factors
  17. what is the prebook method for recare?
    • make appt before pt leaves office
    • have pt filll out postcard
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