Marine Science

  1. Mollusks with two shells are called? And also meaning "two shells"
  2. What is the other name for the bivalves?
  3. All bivalves are grouped together in the class?
  4. Mollusks have soft, bilaterally symmetrical bodies composed of? And most have either an?....
    Head, food, and coiled visceral mass........ External or internal shell.
  5. True or false
    Is that true "bivalve" have "advanced" features such us coelom and brain?
  6. The two shells of a bivalve are hinged together at one end and are kept closet by short, though
    Adductor muscles
  7. True or false
    The clam, oyster and mussels have two adductor muscles and scallop has one
  8. Where does must clams live?
    Intertidal and subtidal zones
  9. We can tell the age of a bivalve by looking at it's shell and it's lines, the lines form bands and each band represents about a year's growth. So, a clam that has four bands would be about?
    4 year
  10. This clam is a common bivalve
  11. Is the oldest clam specimen with 60 years old and weighs more than half a ton
    Tridacna gigas or giant clam
  12. How does a bivalve build its shell?
    A thing membrane called the?______lines the inside of both shells and protects the internal organs.
  13. The bivalve cannot feed if its shells are completely closed, so by what method they feed and breath?
    A siphon tube
  14. The siphon tube has two openings? What are those?
    Incurrent siphon and excurrent siphon
  15. In the "life activities of bivalves" water that contains food and oxygen enters through the?
    Incurrent siphon
  16. In the "life activities of bivalves " wastes products of digestion and respiration are eliminated through the?
    Excurrent siphon
  17. Trey or false
    Bivalves are NOT filter feeders.
    False they are filter feeders
  18. Bivalves breathe through its?
    Ciliated cells
  19. Bivalves are adapted to breath underwater by using?
    Gill membranes
  20. How does a bivalve filter feed?
    Currents of water that contain plakton and debris pass through the siphon tube
  21. True or false
    the bivalves has one-way digestive tract
  22. True or False
    Bivalves has NOT an open circulatory system
    • False
    • they have an open circulatory system
  23. In the "Life Activities of Bivalve" nutrients and Oxygen are transported through their body by a?
    colorless blood
  24. This "bivalves" lives in the intertidal zone, where there is constant wave action
  25. Strong or Tough____, which are made up of fibrous protein attach the mussel firmly to rocks and other hard substrates
    byssal threads
  26. This "bivalve" lives attach to a substrate and are rough and uneven , even so, Dental scientists are interested in the chemical on this Bivalve.
    The oyster (crassostrea)
  27. This "Bivalve" is the fastest for locomotion
    The scallop
  28. This two "Bivalves" more quickly through the sand by using their muscular foot as a digging tool
    The razor clam
  29. True or false
    The bivalves are hermaphrodites
    • False
    • they have separates sex
  30. Females release their eggs into the water, where they are fertilized by sperms cells. Which of both partners fertilized the sperm cells?
    The male
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