sacred scripture ch 3

  1. beatitudes
    jesus' teaching about path to happiness
  2. incarnation
    2nd person of trinity while remaining God , became human
  3. christ
    anointed (greek)
  4. anti-semetic
    hostility toward jews
  5. messiah
    anointed , hebrew
  6. parables
    stories to teach a lesson
  7. kingdom of heaven
    gift of salvation & eternal life
  8. magi
  9. matthew's audience
    jewish christians
  10. new moses
  11. pharisees
    group of jews
  12. jesus
    hebrew god saves
  13. hell
    seperated from god forever
  14. heaven
    state of living in eternal happiness with God
  15. purgatory
    state of purification
  16. particular judgment
    each judged at the moment of our death
  17. infancy narratives
    stories of jesus' conception, birth, & early years
  18. passion narratives
    recording of jesus' death
  19. 5 discourses
    • 1.sermon of the mount
    • 2.mission to apostles
    • 3. parables
    • 5. last days
  20. sermon on the mount
    the first discourse
  21. works of mercy
    charitable acts & care for physical and spiritual needs
  22. YHWH
    hebrew for god
  23. peter
    means rock
  24. M
  25. antioch
    1st place where the disciples were called christians
  26. creche
    french manger
  27. Sr. Dorothy Stang
    spoke on environment, advocate for the poor
  28. beatitude
    blessed/ happy
  29. rabbi
    hebrew teacher
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