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  1. the right to follow the laws of your native country while in another
  2. scottish missionary and explorer in Africa who discovered and named Victroria Falls
    David livingstone
  3. British statesmen who was intrumental in assuring British dominance of southern Africa. He founded the de Beers Mining company
    Cecil Rhodes
  4. French diplomat who supervised the construction of the Suez canal
    Ferdinand De Lesseps
  5. Empress of China who was very conservative and would arrest those preaching reforms
  6. King of belgium who began imperialistic trade inside of Africa which resulted in the Scramble for Africa. Took over Congo
    King Leopold II Of Belgium
  7. the merging of cultural traits form previoulsy distinct cultural groups into one
  8. responsible for the end of the the Tokugawa shogunate and the rapid modernization and industrialization
    Meiji Restoration
  9. a revoult by the hired Hindu and Muslim soldiers of the British East India compay.
    sepoy Rebllion
  10. special emissary of the Chinese court who requested the end of the Opium trade
    Lin Zexo
  11. leader of the Taiping Rebllion who thought he was the brother of jesus who wished to create a "Heavenly Kingdom of Surpreme peace"
    Hong xiuguan
  12. movement to reform China by introduciong western technology, while maintaining traditional confucius ideals
  13. colony on west coast of Africa establish by abolitionist from Amerian for freed slaves
  14. translatable as "japanese identity national essence nationa character " or national polity body politic national entity basis for emperos soverignty japanese consitution
  15. chinese nationalist leader who fought to end foreign domination. He formed the kumintang or Nationalist party which overthre the Manchu Dynasty and establish a reublican form of goverment in its place.
    Sun - yat -sen
  16. Turkish soldier and viceroy of Eguypt who wrested control of Egypt from the weakening Ottoman empier
    Muhammad Ali
  17. united states navy office who is responsible for opening japan to trade and imperialism
    Matthew C Perry
  18. British writer and poet . His poem " white man burden " became a popular justification for European imperialism
    Rudyard kipling
  19. japans' parliament
    the diet
  20. and area of one country under the control of another . In china , these area guaranted specific trading privileges to each imperialist nation within its respective area
    spheres of influnece
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