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  1. Image Upload 1
      • Axilary vein
      • Brachial vein
      • Cephalic vein
      • Basilic vein
  2. Image Upload 2
      • Hepatic veins
      • Hepatic portal vein
      • Splenic vein
      • Inferior mesenteric vein
      • Superior mesenteric vein
    • The hepatic portal vein also collects from the gastric and Gastropiploic.
  3. Image Upload 3
      • Ductus arteriosus becomes Ligamentum arteriosum.
      • Foramen ovale becomes Fossa ovalis.
      • Ductus venosus becomes Ligamentum venosum.
  4. Image Upload 4
      • Umbilical vein becomes Ligamentum teres.
      • Umbilical arteries become Medial umbilical ligaments.
  5. Image Upload 5
      • Ligamentum arteriosum; Was Ductus arteriosus.
      • Fossa ovalis; Was Foramen ovale.
      • Ligamentum venosum; Was Ductus venosus.
  6. Image Upload 6
      • Ligamentum teres; Was Umbilical vein.
      • Medial umbilical ligaments; Was Umbilical arteries.
  7. Image Upload 7
      • Median cubital vein (1L)
      • Median antebrachial vein (2L)
      • Basilic vein (1R)
      • Cephalic vein (3L)
  8. Typical pulmonary pressure; Compare to Systemic
    24-8 versus 120-80 mm Hg
  9. Location of the heart in the thorax
  10. What organ serves as the respiratory, digestive and excretory organ for a fetus?
  11. What blood feeds into the Hepatic Portal?
    Spleen, stomach, pancreas, gall bladder and intestines.
  12. Why is blood from the digestive sustems carried to the liver before it enteres systemic circulation?
    So the liver can remove toxins such as alcohol and excess glucose.
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