Zoo Lab Annelida

  1. Phylum Annelida has how many classes and what are they?
    3, Class Polychaeta, Class Oligochaeta, class Hirudinea
  2. Class _______ are earth worms.
    Class _______ are marine worms.
    Oligochaeta, Polychaeta
  3. class _____ are leeches
  4. Class Polychaeta
    Nereis Virens
    ______ is the head.
    ______ is the lobe that convers the mouth.
    ______ chemoreceptors.
    • Peristomium
    • Prostomium
    • Palps
  5. Class Polychaeta
    Nereis Virens
    What are the 2 types of tentacles and what are there functions?
    How many eyes do they have and what is there function?
    • Prostiomial (sensory) & Peristomial (canoreception(touching)) tentacles.
    • 4, photoreception
  6. Class Polychaeta
    Nereis Virens
    What are parapodia used for?
  7. Class Oligochaeta
    Lumbricus terrestris
    Periostium is _____
    Clitellum aids in _________.
    The Pygidium is the ________.
    The anus is on the ______.
    • anterior end
    • reproduction (near anterior end)
    • last segment
    • pygidium
  8. Class Oligochaeta
    Lumbricus terrestris
    what is the gizzard for?
    What connects vessels in the circulatory sys?
    The nervous sys contains _______.
    • grinding
    • aortic arches
    • brain & ventral nerve cord
  9. Class Oligochaeta
    Lumbricus terrestris
    Circular muscles make the body ____
    Longitudinal muscles make the body _______.
    What seperate cavities?
    • skinnier
    • shorter
    • septa
  10. Class Oligochaeta
    Lumbricus terrestris
    what is the outter & inner most body wall layers?
    whats the cavity called?
    • cuticle, parietal peritoneum
    • coelom
  11. Class Oligochaeta
    Lumbricus terrestris
    _____ is the kidneys.
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