Inca Handout Feb 10

  1. kamayuk
    master of a craft
  2. master of a craft
  3. How was stone worked?
    with other stones
  4. How did they make ceramic vessels
    • hand-built
    • coiling
    • later molds
  5. ceramic
    fired clay
  6. teerracotta
    fired clay (cooked earth litterally)
  7. what are two environments to fire clay in
    • reducing - black
    • oxidizing - red
  8. What was the tempurature of firing?
    700-800 degreen C
  9. What was the body or the vessel mad of
    • cleaned clay
    • coated with slip
  10. slip
    • dilute clay, usually iron oxide minerals for oclor, appleid before firing
    • slip is not organic
    • vessel may be polished/burnished after slippign
  11. glazes
    • fired at much higher temps
    • not before 16th c.
  12. dyes
    • usually organic, used for organic materials
    • textiles, basketry
  13. paints
    • on stucco or plaster
    • on unfired or already fired vessels
    • feather, plant, hair brushes
    • organic or inorganic pigments survive firing
  14. monochrome
    one color
  15. bichrome
    two colors
  16. polychrome
    more than two colors
  17. model
    form, shape with hands
  18. mold
    • form in a mold
    • molds can make many compies
  19. molding process
    • 1. flat open mold - makes flat objec, may hav edecoration on one side
    • 2. two piece mold, different parts of vessel may be joined after molding
    • 3. clay inside the mold dries and separates from wall of mold which is removed
    • 4. lost wax molds surround object, are destroyed after use
  20. Descriptive terms for a vessel
    support, wall, body, neck, rim, mouth, handle, spout
  21. surface decoration
    subtractive techniques incluce: incising, engraving, grooving, gouging, addtive
  22. metal tools
    basicallly not used in Mesoamerica, maybe late - used early in Andean America
  23. Stone-working
    involves chipping, pecking, drilling, grinding, polishing
  24. pyramids
    • in New World only truncated pyramids - not pointed
    • Balustrades flank stairways in Mesoamerica
    • ulinke finest inca stonework, most stone facades plastered and painted
  25. alfardas
    balustrades flank stairways in Mesoamerica
  26. remate
    top section of the stairwasy in mesoameric
  27. simplistic
    • doesn not mean simple
    • means overly simple
  28. unique
    means one of a kind
  29. duality
    two fold, or opposites that make a whole
  30. symmetry
    equivalence between two sides, mirroring
  31. humanistic
    referes to study of human beings or the humanities
  32. earflare
    circular ear decoration worn by andean and mesoamerican elites
  33. inca, maya, aztec
    singular and plural and adjective
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