Hodges List 9

  1. Woo
    to seek the favor, affection, or love of with a view to marriage
  2. Mandate
    an authoritative order or command
  3. Ore
    a metal-bearing mineral or rock
  4. Discord
    lack of harmony; disagreement
  5. Exhort
    to urge, advise, or caution earnestly
  6. Imminent
    likely to occur at any moment; impending
  7. Conjecture
    the formation of an opinion or theory without sufficient proof
  8. Superfluous
    being more than is sufficient or required; excessive
  9. Sinew
    strength; power
  10. Peruse
    to read thoroughly
  11. Hoary
    gray or white with age
  12. Germane
    closely or significantly related
  13. Palpable
    readily or plainly seen, heard, perceived.
  14. Felicity
    the state of being happy; bliss
  15. Gentry
    upper class; aristocracy
  16. Equivocate
    to use ambiguous or unclear expressions
  17. Rhapsody
    • 1) an instrumental composition irregular in form
    • 2) an ecstatic expression of feeling or enthusiasm
  18. Quintessence
    the pure and concentrated essence of a substance
  19. Wanton
    done, shown, or used maliciously or unjustifiably
  20. Gore
    blood that is shed
Card Set
Hodges List 9
The 9th set of Hodges Vocab