Chapter 2 Terms

  1. arrearages
    money overdue and unpaid
  2. competent
    using the knowledge, skill, thoroughness and preparation reasonably needed to represent a particular client
  3. conflict of interest
    divided loyalty that actually or potentially places a person at a disadvantage even though he or she is owed undivided loyalty
  4. contingent fee
    a fee that is dependent on the outcome of the case
  5. ethics
    standards or rules of behavior to which members of an occupation, profession, or other organization are expected to conform
  6. fee splitting
    • 1. one bill to a client covering the fee of two or more attorneys not in the same firm.
    • 2. giving a non attorney part of the fee of a particular client
  7. fixed fee
    a fee that is paid regardless of the outcome of the case
  8. legal advise
    telling a specific person how the law applies to the facts of that person's legal problem or concern
  9. negligence
    unreasonable conduct that causes injury or damage to someone to whom the actor owes a duty of reasonable care
  10. respondent superior
    doctrine stating that an employer is responsible for the conduct of employees while they are acting within the scope of employment
  11. retainer
    • 1. the contract of employment between an attorney and client
    • 2. a fee to ensure an attorney's availability
    • 3. a deposit against future fees and costs
  12. sanctions
    penalties or punishments of some kind
  13. uncontested
    not disputed not challenged
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