BPS Chapter 25

  1. a speech whose general purpose is to entertain, celebrate, commemorate, inspire, or set a scial agenda
    Special Occasion Speech
  2. a short speech whose purpose is defined by two goals: to prepare or "warm up" audience members for the speaker and to motivate them to listen to what the speaker has to say
    Speech of Introduction
  3. a speech made in response to receiving an award. Its purpose is to express gratitude for the honor bestowed on the speaker
    Speech of Acceptance
  4. a speech whose purpose is two-fold: to communicate the meaning of the award and to explain why the recipient is receiving it
    Speech of Presentation
  5. a humorous tribute to a person; one in which a series of speakers jokingly poke fun at the individual being honored
  6. a brief tribute to a person or an event being celebrated
  7. a speech whose purpose is to celebrate and commemorate the life of someone while consoling those who are left behind; typically delivered by close friends and family members
  8. a speech that is likely to occur before, after, or during a formal dinner; a breakfast or lunch seminary; or other type of business, professional, or civic meeting
    After-Dinner Speech
  9. a speech used repeatedly and without sufficient adaptation to the rhetorical speech situation
    Canned Speech
  10. a speech whose purpose is to inspire or motivate the audience to consider positively, reflect on, and sometimes even to act on the speaker's words
    Speech of Inspiration
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