BPS Chapter 23

  1. a speech providing new information, new insights, or new ways of thinking about a topic. The general purpose of an informative speech is to increase the audience's understanding and awareness of a topic
    Informative Speech
  2. defining something by describing what it does. For example: a computer is something that processes information
    Operational Definition
  3. a pattern of organizing main points as subtopics or categories of the speech topic
    Topical Pattern of Arrangement
  4. the qualities that determine the value of a source, such as the author's background and reputation, the reputation of a publication, the source of data, and how recent the reference is
    source reliability
  5. a speech whose goal is to influence the attitudes, beliefs, values, or acts of others
    persuasive speech
  6. a brief description of the source's qualifications
    source qualifier
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BPS Chapter 23
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