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  1. Ode
    An extended and lofty lyric poem expressing emotions about a significant occasion or person, to whom the ode is dedicated
  2. Lyric
    One of the major forms of poetry; a poem; a poem of emotions, expressing directly the feelings of the speaker of the poem
  3. Poetic Diction
    Words chosen for their supposedly inherently poetic quality
  4. Gothic Novel
    A novel in which magic, mystery, and chivalry are chief characteristics
  5. Ballad
    A form of verse to be sung or recited that presents an incident or episode in narrative form
  6. Blank Verse
    Unrhymed iambic pentameter
  7. Elegy
    A sustained formal poem setting the poet's meditations upon death or another serious subject
  8. Conservative Poem
    A form of meditative poetry in blank verse developed by Coleridge that was used to convey the unspoken remarks of the poet to another person
  9. Novel of Purpose
    A novel written to put forth a particular social theory
  10. Neoclassicism
    Characteristic of 18th century English literature for which the writers looked to classical literature for models. The emphasis was on rules, reason, adherence to set forms; distrust of invention, innovation
  11. Oxymoron
    A rhetorical antithesis that brings together two seemingly contradictory terms in order to achieve a sharp emphasis
  12. Stress Prosody
    A type of poetry in which each line has a set number of stressed syllables but may have a varying number of unstressed syllables
  13. Satire
    Type of literature that blends a critical attitude with humor and wit in order to improve human institutions or humanity
  14. Noble Savage
    The idea that primitive humans are naturally good and that whatever evil they develop is the product of the corrupting action of civilization and society
  15. Sonnet
    A poem consisting of 14 lines of iambic pentameter usually rhyming abbaabbacdecde or ababcdcdefefgg
  16. Opium
    A Narcotic produced from the opium poppy that was widely used as a pain killer. Highly addictive; addicts suffer physical and mental side effects that include extremely vivid dreams
  17. Christ Hospital
    A school for needy children in london; both Charles Lamb and Samuel Taylor Coleridge attended there
  18. Eolian Harp
    A musical instrument designed to be placed in an open window, when a breeze blows through the window, the strings of the harp vibrate, producing a musical sound
  19. Byronic Hero
    A young man of stormy emotions who shuns humanity and wanders through life weighed down by a sense of guilt for mysterious sins of his past
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