flo health 1 7-9

  1. 검은 돈
    bribe, "dark/black money"
  2. 제약 회사
    pharmaceutical company
  3. 물러나다
    to retire, draw back, withdraw
  4. 의료(-인, 계)
    medical (personnel, field)
  5. 고백하다
    to confess
  6. 남용하다
    to abuse, use to excess
  7. 더구나
    besides, moreover, in addition
  8. 약효
    effect of medicine
  9. 유혹하/받다
    to tempt, lure
  10. 벗어나다
    to get out of
  11. 의약분업
    separation of dispensary from medical practice
  12. 전액
    total amount of money
  13. 임상(시험)
    clinical (trial, ie; test for new drug)
  14. 선언하다
    to declare, proclaim
  15. 법 제정하다
    to establish a law
  16. 정복하다
    to conquer
  17. 보름
    fifteen days
  18. 비만
  19. 군것질하다
    to snack, eat b/t meals
  20. 경향
    tendency, trend
  21. 상담하다
    to consult, counsel
  22. 규율
    rule, regulation
  23. 해방(시키다/되다)
    to liberate, set free
  24. 활동량
    quantity of activity
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