Chapter 2

  1. Culture
    A set of learned behaviors and ideas
  2. Subculture
    a culture within a culture
  3. society
    shared territory and shared language
  4. Cultural relativism
    an attitude that a society customs and ideas should be understood in the context of that societys.
  5. cultural evolution
    go from savage to western civilization. stages. savage progressive.
  6. ethnocentrism
    those who hold any attitude towards cultures
  7. Indirect vs direct
    • cultural constraints.
    • indirect is fuzzy and its things we shouldnt do but do anyway
    • direct is clear cut and are illegal things ie murder.
  8. Ideal vs Actual patterns of behavior
    • cultural contraints
    • ideal is how you should act and behave in a society
    • Actual is how people act when no one is watching
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