child psyc test1

  1. what are 3 major development theories?
    • psychoanlytic
    • behaviorism
    • emergent theory
  2. Psychoanalytic?
    proposes that irrational thoughts unconcsious drives and motives originate in childhood and underlie in human behavior
  3. Freud
    • (psycosexual)
    • beleives at each stage sensual satisfactaion is linked to magor developmental needs
  4. Erickson
    • follower of freud
    • believed psycosocial
    • had 8 developmental changes
    • each identifies a particular challenge or crisis
  5. behaviorism?
    • studies human behavior also known as learing thoery
    • this theory directly opppeses that of psycoanalytic thoery
  6. watson
    argues that psyc is a science and needs to observe and measure behavior
  7. 3 types of learning
    • classical
    • operant
    • social learning
  8. classical
    through association with neutral stimulus becomes conditioned
  9. operant
    thourough reinfrocement,week or raer responses become strong, frequent responese
  10. social learning
    through modeling, observed behaviors become copied behaviors
  11. Emergent theories
    socialculture theory holds that development results from interactions between each person and culture focus

    vygotes felt learning occured through social interactions

    epicgentic development invloves genetic origins of bahaviors and influence of the enviroment over time
  12. cognitive theory
    • focuses on the chnage in how people think over time
    • our thought shape our attitude beliefs and behaviors
    • jean piaget felt that cognitive development occurs in major periods
  13. preoperational
    children think magically and poetically using language to understand the world thinking is egocentric causing childre to perceive the world from thier own perspective
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child psyc test1
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