1. Huet
    Deaf frenchman who was educated in Paris and taught in Brazil then Mexico
  2. MVV 1st Deaf man
    Jonathan Lambert
  3. 1880
    Milan conference supporting oralism/ AG Bell foundation/ National Association for the Deaf
  4. 1864
    Abe signed treaty for 1st Deaf College
  5. Mexican President who helped Deaf mexicans
    • Juarez
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  6. 1869
    • 30 Deaf schools in US
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  7. A single dialect was recognized in the US
  8. What percentage of Deaf school teachers were Deaf in 1800's US?
  9. Duality of Patterning
    Duality of Patterning - Meaningful signs (words) are made of -- and distinguished from one another by -- meaningless parts (sounds, letters)
  10. Traditional Transmission
    Traditional Transmission - The learning of language occurs in social groups.
  11. Productivity
    Productivity - The ability to create new messages by combining already-existing signs.
  12. Displacement
    Displacement - The ability to talk about things that are not physically present.
  13. Specialization
    Specialization - Speech is produced for communication, not chiefly for some other function, such as echolocation.
  14. Discreteness
    Each unit of communication can be separated and unmistakable.
  15. Arbitrariness
    There is no direct connection between the signal and its meaning.
  16. Semanticity
    Speech sounds can be linked to specific meanings.
  17. Total Feedback
    ndividuals are able to hear and internalize a message they have sent.
  18. Interchangeability
    The speaker has the ability to receive and also send the same message.
  19. Rapid Fading
    The sound made by speech diminishes quickly after being released.
  20. Broadcast Transmission and Directional Reception
    The audible sound of language is heard in all directions but listeners will interpret it as coming from one specific direction
  21. Vocal Auditory Channels
    • Spoken language is produced in the vocal tract and transmitted/heard as
    • sound, whereas sign language is produced with the hands and transmitted
    • by light
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