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  1. abductor
    Muscle that on contraction draws away from the middle
  2. adductor
    Muscle that draws a part toward the middle
  3. antagonist
    Muscle that counteracts the action of another muscle
  4. aponeurosis
    Fibrous sheet of connective tissue that serves to attach muscle to bone or to other tissues
  5. ataxia
    Lack of muscular coordination
  6. atonic
    Pertaining to a lack of normal tone or tension
  7. atrophy
    Lack of nourishment; wasting of muscular tissue that can be caused by lack of use
  8. biceps
    Muscle with two heads or points of origin
  9. brachialgia
    Pain in the arm
  10. bradykinesia
    Slowness of motion or movement
  11. clonic
    Pertaining to alternate contraction and relaxation of muscles
  12. contraction
    Process of drawing up and thickening of a muscle fiber
  13. dactylospasm
    Cramp of a finger or toe
  14. diaphragm
    Partition of muscles and membranes that separates the chest cavity and the abdominal cavity
  15. dystonia
    Condition of impaired muscle tone
  16. dystrophy
    Fault muscular deveopment caused by lack of nourishment
  17. fascia
    Thin layer of connective tissue covering, supporting, or connecting the muscles of inner organs of the body
  18. fascitis
    Inflammation of a fascia
  19. fibromyitis
    Inflammation of muscle and fibrous tissue
  20. insertion
    Point of attachment of a muscle to the part that it moves
  21. intramuscular
    Pertaining to within a muscle
  22. isometric
    Pertaining to having equal measure
  23. isotonic
    Pertaining to having the same tone or tension
  24. levator
    Muscle that raises or elevates a part
  25. myalgia
    Pain in the muscle
  26. myasthenia gravis
    Chronic disease characterized by progressive muscular weakness
  27. myoblast
    Embryonic cell that develops into a cell of muscle fiber
  28. myofibroma
    Tumor that contains muscle and fiber
  29. myograph
    Instrument used to record muscular contractions
  30. myokinesis
    Muscular motion or activity
  31. myology
    Study of muscles
  32. myoma
    Tumor containing muscle tissue
  33. myomalacia
    Softening of muscle tissue
  34. myoparesis
    Weakness or slight paralysis of a muscle
  35. myopathy
    Muscle disease
  36. myoplasty
    Surgical repair of a muscle
  37. myorrhaphy
    Suture of a muscle wound
  38. myosarcoma
    Malignant tumor derived from muscle tissue
  39. myosclerosis
    Condition of hardening of muscle
  40. myositis
    Inflammation of muscle tissue, especially skeletal muscles; can be caused by infection, trauma, or parasitic infestation
  41. myospasm
    Spasmodic contraction of a muscle
  42. myotomy
    Incision into a muscle
  43. neuromuscular
    Pertaining to both nerves and muscles
  44. neuromyopathic
    Pertaining to a disease condition involving both nerves and muscles
  45. polyplegia
    Paralysis affecting many muscles
  46. quadriceps
    Muscle that has four heads or points of origin
  47. relaxation
    Process in which a muscle loosens and returns to a resting stage
  48. rhabdomyoma
    Tumor of striated muscle tissue
  49. rotation
    Process of moving a body part around a central axis
  50. sarcolemma
    Plasma membrane surrounding each striated muscle fiber
  51. spasticity
    Condition of increased muscular tone causing stiff and awkward movements
  52. sternocleidomastoid
    Muscle arising from the sternum and clavicle with its insertion into the mastoid process
  53. synergetic
    Pertaining to certain muscles that work together
  54. tenodesis
    Surgical binding of a tendon
  55. tenodynia
    Pain in a tendon
  56. tetany
    Condition characterized by cramps, convulsions, twitching of the muscles, and sharp flexion of the wrist and ankle joints; generally caused by an abnormality in calcium metabolism
  57. tonic
    Pertaining to tone, especially muscular tension
  58. torticollis
    Stiff neck caused by spasmodic contraction of the muscles of the neck; also called wryneck
  59. triceps
    Muscle having three heads with a single insertion
  60. voluntary
    Under the control of one's will
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