Vocab Words

  1. Character
    an imagined person who inhabits a story
  2. Symbol
    a thing that suggests more than its literal meaning
  3. Theme
    whatever general idea or insight the story reveals
  4. Omniscient Narrator
    sees into the minds of some or all of the characters
  5. Editorial Omniscience
    the narrator adds an occasional comment or opinion
  6. Darwinism
    an unguided, unplanned process of random variation & natural selection
  7. Intelligent Design
    if organisms show specific complexity, we can conclude they are the handiwork of an intelligent agent
  8. Comma Splice
    inserting a comma between two clauses adds a little more separation, but not enough. The result is a comma splice
  9. Shift in Number
    Inappropriate shifts from singular to plural
  10. Shift in Tense
    use tenses inconsistently throughout a piece of writing
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