1. patterns in space
    a school of fish
  2. patterns n time
    a cicada population peaking
  3. what is species
  4. what is species and an example
    all the same living things example: lady bugs breeding ton reproduce.
  5. what is population give a example
    a group of the same organisms that live in the same area example:the total num. of geese in acity is its population
  6. what is a habitat?
    where plants and animals live
  7. what is a niche?
    an organisms job in the habitat
  8. what is a community?
    a gruop of populations that live in an areaand interact with eachother
  9. what is a predator important to know!
    animals who hunt and eat other animals
  10. what is a prey? important to know!
    aa animal eaten bay a predator
  11. what is competition!
    struyggle between indivisuals or populations for a limited resource
  12. organisms that work together to keep each other happy is what?
  13. relationship between individuals or two different species is called what?
  14. relationship between two species and both benefit is called what?
  15. relationship between two species in which one benefits and the other is not affected is clled what?
  16. relationship between two species in which one is harmed is called what?
  17. when a population cannot grow larger is called what?
    carrying capacity
  18. when first barren things move into an barren environment is.....
    pioneer species
  19. slow change in ecosystem where one cummunity is replaced by another is what?
  20. change in an ecosystem by a huge disturbance is what?
    secondary succssion
  21. simplest to most complex
    organisms, population, community, ecosystem, biome
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