1. If you stab somebody through Angle of Loius, you will hit this vertebra
  2. Suprasternal notch is at this vertebral level
  3. What are the 3 parts of the sternum?
    • Manubrium
    • Body
    • Xiphoid process
  4. Angle between manubrium and body of sternum
    Angle of Louis
  5. Angle between xiphoid process and body of sternum
    Xiphisternal angle
  6. The little indentation on top of the sternum
    Suprasternal notch
  7. The nipple is at this intercostal space
    4th intercostal space
  8. Which vertebral level is maanubriosternal angle?
  9. What vertebral level is the spine of scapula?
  10. What makes the anterior axillary fold?
    the Pecs
  11. What makes the posterior axillary fold
    the Lats
  12. What are the two heads of the pectoralis major called?
    • clavicular
    • sternocostal
  13. This muscle moves the head side to side
  14. What are the layers of the breast?
    skin, fat, rectomammary space, deep fascia, muscle, bone
  15. The breast usually lies between these ribs
    2nd - 6th rib
  16. The axillary tail of Spense lies on this rib
    3rd rib
  17. The axillary tail of Spence goes to the axilla via this foramen
    • foramen of Langer
    • its in the deep fascia
  18. The breast lies on these muscles
    • Pectoralis major and minor
    • Serratus anterior
  19. What is the blood supply to the breast?
    • Internal thoracic
    • Lateral thoracic
    • Thoraco-acromial
    • Intercostal arteries
  20. How many parts of the Subclavian?
  21. What are the branches of the 1st part of Subclavian?
    • Vertebral
    • Internal thoracic
    • Thyrocervical
  22. What are the branches of 2nd part of Subclavian?
    • Costo-cervical
    • Dorsal Scapular
  23. What are the branches of the 3rd part of Subclavian?
  24. What is most important branch of Thyrocervical artery?
    Inferior thyroid artery
  25. What are the parts of Axillary artery?
    • Supreme thoracic
    • Aacromio-thoracic
    • Lateral thoracic
    • Subscapular
    • Ant. circ. humeral
    • Post. circ. humeral
  26. What is the lymph drainage of breast?
    • Axillary nodes
    • Posterior
    • Anterior
    • Lateral
    • Central
    • Apical
  27. If BC goes in the upper quadrants, it can spread to these nodes
    • Supra- and infra-clavicular nodes
    • cervical nodes
  28. If BC is in the medial quadrants it can spread to these nodes
    Parasternal nodes
  29. These ligaments attach the breast to the skin
    Ligaments of Cooper
  30. What are the cardinal signs of BC?
    • Dimpling of skin
    • retracted nipple
    • Lymphedema
  31. This is another word for likelihood of survival after 5 years
  32. This word means the "degree of spread" of BC
  33. This word means the severity of BC
    • Grading
    • i.e. malignant or benign
  34. This is the removal of breast, axillary tail, and lymph nodes
    Radical mastectomy
  35. How many segments are the lungs made of?
    • 19
    • 10 in right
    • 9 in left
  36. What are the 3 layers of intercostal muscles?
    • outer
    • inner
    • transversus thoracus
  37. Space between the parietal pleura and the visceral pleura
    Pleural cavity
  38. What will happen if you get air in the pleural cavity?
    Lung will collapse!!
  39. Where would you put a chest drain?
    • 2nd intercostal, mid-clavicular line
    • 5th intercostal, mid-axillary
  40. This is when theres so much air in the pleural cavity that it pushes the mediastinum to one side
    Tension Pneumothorax
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