HHD- Development

  1. Individual Human Development
    Encompasses th changes that peopl eexperence from conception to death. It is a period of development charaterized by milestones that are openly predictable and occur in sequential order
  2. Development
    Describes the gradual changes in an individual's phsycal, social, emotional and intellectual states' abilities
  3. Developmental Milestones
    A task, undertaking or event that is expected to be achieved in order to successfully progress to a further level of development
  4. Phsycal development
    The changes that relate to someone's size, shape and therefore body structure
  5. Motor Skills
    The ability to move, through gaining and excersizing control over the large and small muscles of the body
  6. Motor Development
    A form of phsycal development that relates to the way in which an individual develops muscle function
  7. Gross Motor Skills
    The ability to control the movement of the larger musle groups within the body
  8. Fine Motor Skills
    The ability to control the movement of smaller muscle groups within the body
  9. Social Development
    The increasing complexity of behavioural patterns used in realtionships with other people
  10. Socialisation
    The process of aquiring values,attitudes and behavious through interacting with others
  11. Emotional Development
    Refers to feelings and the ways in which an individual lears to express, understand and excersize control over them
  12. Self Esteem
    How a person feels about themselves and their abilities
  13. Self Concept
    The idea an individual has of themselves, who they are, who the want to be, what they value and what they believe others think of them
  14. Intellectual Development
    Also referred to as cognitive development, the ways in which people are able to think and reason
  15. Growth
    Refers to the measurable changes in the body, mainly due to an increase in the number and size of the body's cells
  16. Gender Roles
    The social and psycological dimesion of being male or female
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